Grab all player's gamepasses, shirts, pants and t-shirts

Recently i wanted to make a game where you can make your own creations and sell it to other players, players can get the stuff u made by purchasing a gamepass that is displayed on your stand.
But it seems like i don’t find any scripts that work fine… I tried roproxy, roblox inventory api but nothing…
I’d like to get all player’s gamepasses, shirts, pants and t-shirts that HE made and display them on a surface gui with a list layout.
Has anyone got a script that works?
Thank y’all.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a “PLS DONATE!” game.

It explains how you can get the shirts, pants and t-shirts of a player. For gamepasses you just need to add the correct number to SubCategories I believe.

The http:GetAsync() function says “HTTP 400 (Bad Request)” :frowning:
Know how to fix it?

Are you sending the correct data in the request?

Maybe you could send a code snippet?