Grab These New Physical Dragger Features!

I have to thank you for this reply. I am so glad I saw this lol. I am constantly scrolling through parts in the explorer waiting for the part I’m looking at to be highlighted. Never knew this was a thing. This will save me tons of time. :smiley:


This is awesome! That would be great for posing and aligning a model/build, very useful! I’m glad it’s added :slightly_smiling_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


this is actually really neat, it’s gonna make it easier to make objects seem like they’re “flowing” and got stopped in time


Did all draggers break in studio for anyone else?

I normally use CTRL + 1 - 4 to select all my desired tools, this doesn’t do anything currently. Simply selecting the tools show them as selected but nothing happens.


As you can tell from my image, I am assuming the issue is lack of updating since the UI doesn’t match the new UI? Will be testing and editing post momentarily

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Noticed the post states this being a beta feature, which I do not have enabled so wouldn’t expect issues to arise? After a restart/reinstall, it seems to work although the display when a tool is in use is different, is this the new norm?

No this happened to me before this update. Just try restarting studio.

I restarted and installed a new version. The restart fixed it, the reinstall didn’t change anything. I don’t even have any beta features enabled so I’m unsure what the issue was, also not sure how I feel on the modified interface for the tools.

Yeah, I know it has the ability, but (unless it has been updated with this new release) it just doesn’t perform the same as this new physics mover.

Unrelated bug. This is a problem with all builtin plugins on some machines (including toolbox and terrain editing tools too). You can find updates on the issue here: Multiple Tools in Roblox Studio Broken when Any Plugin is Enabled - #36 by Stuntinlikemydad


Thank you for the swift and unlike Roblox roadmap response :slight_smile:


I have solved my issue, I believe. Figured I’d update this to avoid more links to a plugin-related issue.

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awesome stuff roblox!
this can make animating a ton easier.

Still, if it’s hitting objects that are unanchored, I’d expect those objects to move away, instead of them stopping me from scaling the main part.

So I’d expect it to work like this:

(This is how it’s working while play-testing or at run-time)

And not like this:

(This is how it’s currently working when in Physical Mode, but when time is not running)


One small issue I found is that you can push objects into themselves, instead of them being stopped by collisions:

Notice that it doesn’t just happen when the “end part” is being stopped by an anchored part (in this case Baseplate). These unanchored parts go into each other even if they’re in the air:

It looks like the collisions are only being calculated between the part you’re currently moving and parts it touches, but collisions between every other parts are ignored.


Here’s more weird stuff…

I have this stack, and if I select two parts around one part, that part “hugs” the other part, even though it wasn’t touching anything:

Also, relating to the original issue of parts moving into each other, I’ve found that if you move the part fast enough, collisions are properly respected, but if you do it slowly, it just decides to all go into each other:

Here is the stack.rbxm (2.7 KB) model if you want to play with it.


Really sweet how IK is starting to get the love it deserves - all big games use this tech, and Roblox users have started making their own resources / modules for it too!

I really like the ‘feel’ the physical dragger feels - much appreciated quality-of-life update!


I am so grateful for an update like this. Once again, Roblox amazes us with a Roblox Studio update! There are some glitches like other mentioned. Building feels so much easier. Keep up the great work! :smile:




I had always thought that the Lua draggers felt incomplete but this update really makes the Lua draggers feel complete. I personally didn’t really like the Lua draggers when I tried them out in beta but they were a lot better when they were released and this update makes them feel complete.

A feature I never thought of asking, never expected it to be added or how useful this could be.
But this… I like this, this is so useful, it’s beautiful.


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how do i use this???

Read the entire post. It can be helpful to answer short questions like this.

i have it enabled, i meant how like i do the things in the pics/vids