Gradients on Parts/Meshes in Roblox

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to be able to create a gradient for parts and objects right inside Roblox Studio. Currently, I have to create a gradient e.g. on Photoshop, download it, and upload it to Roblox. To use a gradient on something you would then require using textures and a lot of hassle to go alongside it. Additionally, if I’m not happy my current gradient after all of this work, I’d have to do the whole process again.

It would be wonderful if I could directly edit my parts colour in Roblox Studio to have a gradient between two or more colours (similar to how UI gradients work), for example, if I wanted to make a low-poly cartoony tree have a darker green at the bottom and bright vibrant green at the top. Another use could be for 3D grass in my environment.

I would benefit from this feature as it expands my creative ability as an Artist and Developer. If a developer doesn’t have experience making textures it would allow them to easily make their environments more interesting offering more than a single solid colour onto their object.

Additionally, it would also likely reduce memory usage on the client if textures weren’t required on my mesh to achieve a gradient effect.

This was the best example I could find of objects using a simple gradient and no additional textures, the grass specifically.


Having gradients for parts/meshes on Roblox would be something awesome to be added to many games instead of using different parts to create such a gradient pattern or maybe a change of colors for many things!

The only way for gradients to be on building materials has to be meshes from an external software/app such as Blender or any other building apps out there, which is a big shame.

Having gradients could also affect colorful trees and maybe nature such as a tree transitioning to a dark green to a bright orange in a day/night cycle game where it has weather and such, what a nice idea that you bring up for the environment inside games.

Overall, this idea with gradients is actually interesting to add and create for future builders or current builders on the platform creating many things. Gradients being added to this would make the environment and maybe more realistic buildings become colorful instead of using textures or meshes to import into studio and using a lot of memory, which was pointed out in the OP post:



As a builder, this would make me build in the studio again. The fact we get basic gradients for UI, but not parts is ridiculous. This feature would enhance games so much and reduce the use of loading textures, thousands of textures because we have to manually create gradients in our art programs, then export them into Roblox and resize them.

We really need this feature.


This would be especially helpful for creating really neat neon lights. I’ve been using gradient texture overlays and it sorta works. However, a built-in feature would be much better.

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I think this would make a great adjustment for those who want to add intrigue to their build. Think depth or color variation, something like this would allow for developers to really make things pop.


Do it please.

And add circular gradient.


Also a gradient for transparency would be great too. Would be useful for making things like this ( a building effect from the game Satisfactory):

(From 0:05 to 0:07)


Support! Was actually just about to post my own feature request. Right now I want to create a projectile that fades from one end to the other (for bullet trails). This effect is really hard to achieve without mashing together a bunch of parts, and that doesn’t look near as smooth as I’d like. This would considerably boost the number of tools and possibilities not only experienced, but novice developers have access to.

I figure it could work like the UI gradient, in that it includes both the color and transparency.