Grand Admin | A very secure, high quality, lightweight, very customisable and easy to use admin system

Grand Admin - v1.12.0

Welcome to Grand Admin. A feature-packed, but simple admin commands script that is reliable, safe and efficient with tons of user-customisability and support for custom commands.

This script was originally only made for myself and some friends, but as I kept developing this admin script, it became genuinely useful to me and preferred amongst some people I have shown this to.

Previews / Media

Lazily executing two commands with different prefixes via chat

The command logs widget for tracking command execution

The command bar executing a command

Demonstration of the UI/widgets

Managing banned users via the /bans widget

Viewing integrated Discord webhook ban/unban logs

And much more other commands and widgets

Why use this over other admin scripts?

Oh look, another admin commands script. Why should I use this?

After seeing how vulnerable, complex and closed-source some admin scripts are such as Kohl’s Admin Commands, I designed this admin script to be the opposite while maintaining the useful functionality.

Grand Admin is simple, but very versatile and easy to use.

It is also completely client exploit-proof as all command execution and functions are done completely on the server.

Simplicity and functionality is the core of this admin commands script.


  • Completely open-source
  • Typical chat command execution
  • Lazy syntax support
  • Group rank support
  • Command execution support without chatting
  • Custom commands
  • Discord webhook integration for ban logging
  • Exploit-proof
  • Super lightweight (no performance impacts on servers and games)
  • Datastore support for banning and logging
  • Doesn’t insert any useless or unwanted instances in your game
  • No annoying watermarks or pop-ups
  • Command customisablilty
  • Special player targeting keywords for commands (e.g. /kill all, /kill random)
  • Many settings and options
  • Sleek UI + draggable widgets
  • Multiple command prefixes
  • And more!

Get Grand Admin

Future plans?

My future plans for this admin script will be based on feedbacks and suggestions from you guys!

Suggest features, commands, ideas or anything you think that may improve the functionality of this commands script.

I am also open to contributions too!



this is already in my game, i had early access to it! its very good and it is easy to add your own commands and everything!


I cant get it here.

[Edit] Why did 300 users clicked on this ### link?


oh, forgot to make it pubic. You should be able to access it now


Patch - v1.4.2

  • Fixed an issue where you could ban a higher ranked admin
  • Fixed group rank permission checking occasionally not working

Your UI designs look great! Better than anything I could put together. :sweat_smile:


I have a question though: Is it possible to make our own custom commands using your admin system or no?

Edit: I figured out there is! My bad.


Patch - v1.4.3

  • Made setting command permissions easier, quicker, and more efficient via pre-defined variables in an array that can be customised.
  • Optimisiations
  • Bug fixes
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What kind of a Admin is this?! :sweat_smile:


it’s my attempt at a very simple, efficient, safe, versatile, exploit-proof and easy to use admin commands script. That’s what it is lol


I like it. It’s open sourced so I could easily manage and edit the UIs to fit my needs. The original UI looks amazing.
Not to mention, there’s commands I’ve never seen any other Admin system have.
For example, the spectate command. I know it’s very similar to the ‘view’ commands other admin systems use, but the way it works with this one is unique. As well as the stopwatch command, this is not similar to anything I’ve seen.

I like this admin system.


This looks quite nice and i now plan on using it, but why does it not use textchat commands? As that would hide commands in chat from being seen by other users.

(Only looked at the post, so dont know if this is already an option)


This admin script is actually capable of executing commands without using the chat. This is a listed feature!

You can bring up a command executer with /cmdbar so you can then silently execute commands.

Or alternatively, grab the gui from the script stored in a folder it self, and add a keybind to bring it up, or alternatively alternatively, use the remote event created from the script and have your own code.

I might add a hotkey built into the script if there is a demand


Small Patch - v1.4.4

  • Fixed the object based commands not positioning things correctly for R15 and R6.

Yes, incredibly small and miniscule update, but might as well mention it


This is really good, It makes it so much easier to create commands unlike other admin scripts. Also great that I can easily customize the UI to my liking!


Rebrand - v1.4.5

  • Renamed the commands script from ‘Ethan’s Admin’ to ‘Grand Commands’ as it is more catchy and memorable.
  • The main script itself hasn’t changed except for the name
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Small Update - v1.5.0

  • Added a separate Roles module to configure the ranks and their values in the one place.

  • Giving a user permission in the Settings module now uses the new Roles table module instead.

  • The CustomCommands module now uses the Roles table to set permission levels instead of number values. Again, this is more user friendly.

  • The rest of the script has remained unchanged.


i really like this and i might use it for my game! i’m just curious, in guts and black powder the chat has an autofill for the commands, are you able to recreate that? it’s visible without that specific panel if you do / in chat.

anyways cool system!


Roblox has an autofill for their commands, like /console and /clear, but it looks like you can add onto it. I think I might be able to recreate that for sure. Not sure about different prefixes though, but i’ll give it a try and see what I can come up with.

EDIT: I took a look, and yes, I can implement this, but we are currently restricted to commands with the / prefix.

So this wont really work for users who have different prefixes.


alright well, maybe you could make that the default prefix and then people can change it otherwise? maybe add an annotation that explains the effects.

whatever you choose is fine, i was just wondering.