Granting audio access to game doesn't work

This needs to be fixed by now. This is game-breaking. It’s been 2 full days and it’s still broken, we cannot develop in these conditions.


This is ridiculous, I’ve granted permission to my group game to use my audios and after the update release they just removed my permission and now I cant give it anymore.


If im doing something wrong please tell me.


You can get the Universe ID of an experience by using this API link:


I think you may be doing something wrong. Based on this. My game id (in the game links such as you have posted) does not match the UniverseID that is listed in my sound files which were given access to my game.

I’m not sure where you get the correct universeID for your game, but check that. Maybe by looking at some sounds that are working.

@Floo_d provided the link, the result for your game:

If yall want a fix, archiving and unarchiving the asset seems to do the trick.

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Status update, please? It’s been 3 days now.

So this is severe enough to get fixed within a day, yet we’ve been waiting nearly a week for audio to be fixed and still nothing?

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It’s not as simple as that, different coding problems take different amount of times to solve, two errors at the same priority can take different lengths of time to fix.

It’s also worth noting, that games getting stolen is more critical of a bug than audio not working.

Okay. I’ve been experimenting with providing explicit permission to some of my group-owned audio assets and it seems to be allowing them to play in group Universe, to people who only have Play permission (we are testing a Private game). Those with Edit permission are able to play them without issue regardless of permissions and no audio works in Studio for anyone.

It appears that only newly uploaded group-owned audio assets require explicit permissions. The older ones work just fine for everyone.

This is indicating to me that we are going to need to provide explicit permission to our own Universes for assets uploaded by our group.

I know it’s Sunday for ya’ll, but I would so appreciate getting an official answer to this when you start tomorrow: Will group-owned assets be available to group-owned Universes without explicit permission?

I really need to know if I should be diverting the resources of my whole team to updating permissions on 50,000 group-owned audio assets, or if this is a bug and we should wait on resolution?

We have been told many times that group-owned assets wouldn’t require explicit permissions to group- owned Universes (I thought that was the whole point of checking for green ticks in the plugin). I understood the permission system was created to share permissions to Universes not owned by the group.

Thanks all! I know this is a really tough situation that was forced on you, so I’m keen to work together on resolving this.

  • Lex (the annoying dev running a music game :smile:)
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It doesn’t matter. This is a bug that is not only game-breaking, but cannot be avoided. It was forced on us in a short time-frame, and now we can’t even fix our stuff to adapt to the change. Ridiculous and unacceptable for a service as big as Roblox.

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Okay, but what would you prefer, a game with no sounds or someone outright stealing your game and making a profit off your work.

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Tough choice, but Roblox actually does a decent job of shutting down stolen games a lot of the time.

Either way, the fact that the audio is still not fixed almost a week after this abrupt and highly controversial change is an absolute travesty.

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If you add the audio sounds in studio, Roblox will automatically grant permission to the audio and sync it with the website configuration. At the moment it has to be either your audio with your game, or your group with your group game.

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That only works if you use Studio in the same Universe as your public game.

Each developer in my team has their own Universe within the same group, plus we also have shared environments (DEV/TEST/BETA) so we can test things before we launch them to our users. This is a common practice in software development.

We upload around 500 audio assets a week. Imagine having to explicitly provide permission to 7+ Universes for each of those assets? Now imagine having to go back and apply permissions to 7+ Universes for 50k assets!

You can see why I’m nervous to learn about what the intended behaviour is :cold_sweat:

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Okay, I think I may have a theory about what’s going on!

I’m noticing our assets permission table for audio is slowly getting populated with all our Universes without intervention from me. It looks like the script that’s populating the permissions table has prioritised Public universes and Private universes are trickling through.

So, perhaps permissions table will eventually be auto-populated with all our group Universes and we can choose to add non-group Universes if we choose.

If I’m correct, then this elegant solution gets a thumbs up from me! :+1:

Apologies for continuing to bump this thread.

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Turns out that processing date is TOO LONG and i’m still not able to give permission to my game for another account

However old sounds are available to share

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So like, with this:

It’s really unfortunate that you have 50,000 sound objects, as that would take an extremely long time to compile. And it’s really unfortunate that you’d have to make all these audios public to use them elsewhere. I’m terribly sorry about that.

I found 2 solutions so far for automatic grants for audio in bulk.

  1. You can add a ton of audio objects and then add Sound Ids to them individually. If you have a big set of these objects together, you can copy these objects over to any other game and it’ll grant the audio permissions automatically.
  2. Another solution I found is, if I added the Sound Ids in a script, it was recognized in the Audio View plugin. Maybe it would authorize if the Sound Ids were found in scripts. I am not entirely sure about that though. If you have an existing script or set of scripts that make use of sounds, it may be possible to just copy the scripts around to different games if that is the case.

I hope this helps your team and insight on how to automatically bulk grant audio to games.

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For anyone else looking for information on this. We have now learned officially that this is incorrect.

The group you upload audio to is irrelevant to the permission system. The only thing that matters is the explicit universe permissions you set.

I’m not sure what the point of the audio discovery plugin was. Oh well.

We will likely need to write some kind of automation tool to manage our permissions. Will share with all when it’s done.

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If Roblox’s intention was to prevent other people’s audios from being used in other people’s experiences, I honestly don’t see the point of the whole “Grant access” fiasco and why they made it in the first place.

A staff member in a different post stated this “has been resolved for all audios”, but this is clearly the message that now shows up. Example:

Like, with all due respect, this makes zero sense: if they’re going to enable making audios public in the near future, why is this other feature limited to owner-owned experiences then?

Hopefully a staff member can reach out soon; this is really affecting many games.