Graphic presets (Again)

I want to make similar settings, but I don’t know how to make the drawing range. who can help with this?

Roblox VR 2023 02 05 19 08 12 03 - YouTube

here’s some suggestions to help out with your solution:

  1. you would definitely need tweening
  2. the red “fill” affect is tweening a red frame to fill the “box”
  3. you would also need to tween the text color value
  4. OnMouseEnter event would be used to fire a function to play the fill tween
  5. OnMouseLeave event for playing the un-filling tween

hope this helps

I meant about drawing the range in the game, I didn’t hang on high graphics and there was a small drawing of the range I want to do as well, but I don’t know how

after watching the video again, I’m assuming you’re pointing out how the terrain is generated depending on the graphic quality?

As far as I know, this is default and should work automatically with terrain.

this is a similar situation. I think this post might help:

I think the post couldn’t help me, I didn’t find what I needed, but yes, what I need is related to Terrain