Grass Maker Plugin | Helps you build grass parts

Hello, I made this plugin in which you can automatically create a grass part on top of your map,
a lot of games do use grass parts on top of their ground but the process is sometimes tedious and boring and it takes a long time if your map is big.
and I’m also aware this is not the only plugin that does this and I’m aware Snake_Worl also has Made a similar plugin and so few others but this one has a bit more to it than the other ones out there.


I will go over stuff that my plugin has over snakes otherwise I would not be making this post.

  1. unlike the other plugins that I’m aware of they need you to rotate the parts so the top face is on top
    which mine doesn’t need because you get the option to select which faces the grass should be on.

  2. This plugin partially works on Wedge parts the only part that has issues is the top part of
    it still can be done but you have manually add offset to it (using the plugin or not) or resize it on your own so it fits the slope
    the top part also has issues on rotated wedge parts. but still, it is somewhat useable if rotated manually.

  3. Options to set the width and the size offset
    the use for the offset is when you create the grass on any part it has the same size as the original face
    so with the offset, if needs be you can make it so its either bigger than the size or smaller than the original face.

4.PreBuilds this option creates Semi-Transparent Grass which helps you see or modify it in real-time
so you don’t have to ctrl+z each time to if something goes wrong.


  1. an inbuilt color palette and a bunch of text boxes that you can fill in for your desired Color.

  2. and the final thing is the parental Options which help you organize the grass after its built
    the options goes as follows :

8.1 Set Parrent(Which you can select an object that the grass will be parented to.

8.2 Group it creates a model which parents both the original part and the grass in it and the model will be parented to the same parent the original part was originally the child off.(its an easy concept but I’m not good at explaining)

8.3 1parent or SameParent they make the grass part have the same parent as the original part.

8.4 Child will make the grass a child of the original part.

and that’s about everything if you wish to install the Plugin the link is right here


Looks good, but it uses the old grass texture. I prefer the new one in the new TextureService:

Personally wouldn’t use this.


Some people who make rouge likes or like RPGs mostly anime games might find this useful.
some builders who are building huge landscape maps will find this useful as well if they are already using f3x or Snake_worl’s plugin.


well, I can make use of the new custom texture system but isn’t it in beta still?


Yes. So it won’t be available for you plug-in, but I would consider doing it once it comes out of beta.


I love this! Really useful, thanks.


Sorry for the long delay and not maintaining the plugin, been busy doing other stuff but i should finish this in a couple of days

--------- Changes

  • Now can become studio widget allows for docking and not taking all your screen space
  • You can apply tags off the bat to your grass models
  • overall Ui improvement and a overhaul
  • Loads of fixes optimizations regarding wedges and roblox’s update about wedges
  • Support for Custom Materials
  • Support for Tags

here is a little gif preview for some reason i could not upload a video.

--------- Notes
the original plugin will stay the same because some people just like it as it is and if it works for them
works for me

i will make a separate plugin for this version so if you find this version more suitable for you go for it.
it should be out in a couple days and when it is i will make a new forum post tnx and have great day!

The new version is out