Grayed out names & Bumping

Okay, so I have 2 main questions.


I see these alot, and I wonder what are they for? Maybe I missed something in the user tutorial, but I don’t understand why they sometimes appear.


Let’s say if you have a post that got COMPLETELY ignored, like I mean totally ignored, is it fine to bump it like, a week later or?

Yeah, I think this is supposed to be in Forum Feedback, I mean what other category is there, thanks in advance.

For grayed out names:

I’d suggest using the search function. It’s when a user is either not a member of the forum, or was a member but got their status somehow taken away. They have a trust level of 0, meaning they’re a visitor, and cannot post on the forums. If you want to know more about the different ranks and what they mean on the forum, check out this pinned article that will tell you all you need to know.

Bumping posts is okay as long as you have more information to provide. Try adding more information to a post, to get it noticed. It could be anything from an update, to screenshots, to videos.

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I asked about this last year. Means they have a trust level of 0, aka they are a Visitor.

If you have new info to add, yes

Your posts are likely not being addressed because there is not enough info for someone to be able to help you

Ok, thank you @sjr04, and @Macawmangrovve12!!

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