Great Rift Valley - Showcase

Hello Everyone,

I am releasing my forth showcase! Please keep in mind that these showcases are terrain showcases, if you couldn’t tell already! Onto the showcase!

You can go play my latest showcase here:

For those too lazy to join, here are some photos:

Interested in hiring me? Go check out my portfolio right here!

Thank you so much everybody! I hope you enjoy the game! Please enter freecam mode by doing Shift-P to explore the map!


Looks good, but I’d work on adding some houses - buildings on the flatter parts just to enhance the design a bit, if I’m not mistaken rift valley have some buildings along the flat side perhaps small building nothing overdone or super detailed however that’s to your own choice.

The entire place looks decent and well put together like the depth put into the showcase; I’m curious rift valley has a more darker green color with smaller buildings on the flat surface over the cliff side, it would be better off keeping it the way it is. There are many ways to add something interested in the scene to your build, and it can help give you small ideas to implement inside your showcase.

Best of luck on your showcase, and finding a location that inspired you to create this.

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Holy smokes.That skybox looks like the dynamic skybox from this dude,átský. Do you mind teaching me how to make a nice looking skybox and what you used? First photo is why I’m asking xD. Gonna try this cool place out.

Edit: got a heart, no reply from the dude ;-; i cri


I love the showcase.
The terrain and lighting are really good, they match perfectly! (High graphics was the best one)
Maybe add some houses too, it seems blank.

me phone go boom