Grey screen never goes away

Reproduction Steps

You test your game over and over and eventually you get this screen

Expected Behavior

Me to join the game successfully

Actual Behavior

The grey screen remains there when it’s supposed to disappear

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Freezing
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2022-10-09 00:10:00 (-05:00)


Does, studio freeze, crash or say “Not responding”, or are you able to use it freely and it’s only the grey screen that occurs?


it happens to me also since the new ui update. It may occur sometimes when moving window or as @RefusalMan said when testing the game


if this happened while on fullscreen I just exit fullscreen and set it back… this fix the gray screen bug on play testing.


No, it doesn’t. Filling character limit please don’t flag me

Very interesting, If what I described was the case I could have said It was some kind of a loop, memory leak, crash happening at start up but that doesn’t seem to be the case, did you try re-installing studio?

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Its happening for me not in full screen

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I hear the music of my game plus this game has about 500 players on it right now, so definitely not a memory leak.

it looks like the scripting place thing i would try to close the scripting thing. No it cant i just looked a the picture better and it cant be.

it’s Happen To me when i click on any print() in the output
and turn off Run mode put not in full screen video example :

fan fact it's ReSizable

Same thing happening to me, it only fixes when i restart my computer. Studio works fully functional but the screen doesnt render or show up.

Thank you for posting this, I have been having the same problem and have been using windowed studio to moving the window around to see things.

try to move the studio window or minimize then maximize… actually i never encounter this bug now

Hi @RefusalMan , the bug report format calls for OS/device information and privately providing your log files via the @bug-files inbox, could you please edit this information in?

I encourage you to look at How to post a Bug Report for other hints on how to complete your bug report.

Many thanks!


This happens to me and I have to restart studio. Hope this gets fixed soon, this is not very timely for my programming deadlines

Same, I am unable to test my experiences because of this, I need to open output and close it, in order to remove it

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This even happens to me:

PC Details
Device Type: Laptop
OS: Windows 11 Home
Screen size: 15 inch
Processor: Intel i5
Graphics card: Nvida 2GB M450

Also my studio is using old icons and old ui

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Yeah, literally so free, like a .Changed on the window to remove a grey screen at random???

Thanks @Deadwoodx for providing system details.

@RefusalMan Your bug report still does not follow the bug reporting format – please append OS information and relevant log files, then our team can start investigating. You can send the log files separately to @bug-files and link the message in your thread.


there actually is a way to fix this without having to totally close Studio. i still experience this bug almost every single test-run, but to make it go away, simply hide the output and then unhide it. idk y it works, but it does.

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