Group Blacklist via Trello

How can I make a trello group ban which kicks the user via trello if they are in a group! Not sure how to do it!

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if you know javascript that that is possible but i suggest using google spreadsheets

Why would you use Trello for that? That’s not ideal. You can easily check if they are in a roblox group by doing the following:


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One of my staff told me to, they said it was easier

Your staff member is incorrect. That’s a lot more complicated. If you are using Trello, you have to use so many more functions to return a boolean. What I suggested is the best in this situation.

Also, please do not use Trello for this kind of stuff. Trello is not a database. You should be using Tello as intended: Planning your game and progressing through development, not this.

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Yes, it can be updated live though

What? Player:IsInGroup() returns you whether they are in a group or not. If you want LIVE group changes (ie changing the value of what group they should be in), you should be using another database system like MongoDB. Trello, I repeat, is not a database.

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local players = game:GetService("Players")
local groups = game:GetService("GroupService")
local getGroups = groups.GetGroupsAsync

local blacklistedGroups = {1} --Blacklisted group IDs here.

local function onPlayerAdded(player)
	local success, result = pcall(getGroups, groups, player.UserId)
	if success then
		if result then
			for _, group in ipairs(result) do
				if table.find(blacklistedGroups, group.Id) then
					player:Kick("You are a member of a blacklisted group!")



What does this code even mean? Please explain it.

See About the Scripting Support category.

You can just use a DataStore. Trello is not a database.

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Make this a LocalScript:

local Players = game.Players
local GroupIds = {000000, 000000, 000000} -- Change to the blacklisted group id(s).

    for i = 1, #GroupIds do
        if p:IsInGroup(i) then
            p:Kick('No access!')