Group funds stopped being deposited to group after changing group owner

My group co-owner and I swapped ownership of our group PlayMake on 10/16 so he could administer group funds better, but then swapped it back about an hour later after realizing that it’s easier if I keep ownership of the group so that I can have owner powers in Roblox Studio.

Since we did this swap, our group funds and pending funds have not changed at all. The group has continued to have VIP and Developer Product sales logged to the group’s “Revenue > Sales” view, but our “Revenue > Summary” view shows just 14 pending Robux and 0 Robux in total revenue for the last day/week. Our game, Murder Party, also shows revenue during the last week under the game’s Developer Stats page, so it seems like our group just stopped receiving revenue? (Game: Murder Party - Roblox)

This might solve your problem, they raised pending times for certain scenarios, and I’m pretty sure group ownership change is something that makes the wait longer.

I think it’s something different, I first noticed this on Sunday the 25th, which was before the change to pending sales periods. Also, if there were a hold on funds, I think they should be shown as “Pending Robux”, but I only have 14 pending.

The fund’s may have been from premium payout’s, the current owner may not have a premium membership.

premium payouts and premium stipend are two different things, premium payouts come from premium players playing the game.

Check the reoccurring payouts tab, see if anybody is getting a percentage of the robux

I know that, the owner of the group must have premium though as premium payout’s is a premium benefit.

no it’s not. Read this:

All users have the ability to use this feature.

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Hi @SkyyOrbs,

It’s possible you have automated group payouts set up for this group.

Could you turn off automated group payouts and see if the sales are then reflected in the group’s revenue summary?

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I had 100% going to my co-owner and after deleting that reoccuring payout I see pending funds in the group again. In the group audit log I can see one-time payouts, but no automated payouts. Are automated payouts transferred immediately without being logged anywhere in the group? (I thought based on other forum posts that they only transferred once a month?)

Also, is there a way for me to confirm that my co-owner actually received the missing Robux?

To answer the other discussion, both myself and my co-owner have premium accounts.

They should be able to see payouts on their personal My Transactions or Summary tab

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Same here. I worked on a commission to get payed. The person had to switch owners as he did not have a group to pay me on. Said guy purchased the shirt before swapping owners. I have now waited 8+ days for groups funds to come in. I can see they are pending, and they still are not here,