Group Gamepass Funds are Going to Random Roblox Account with Same ID as Group

Hello everyone. I made this gamepass for a group I develop for, and the group has the ID: 9981353. For some reason, it was showing that the sales weren’t going through. So I investigated. I had bought the pass myself after I made it, SO: I found that my purchase of the gamepass went to a user with the same USER ID as the group, and not the group itself.
Here is the gamepass link: Septa ACS64 Test Train - Roblox
Here is their account link: VengadorSC - Roblox
Here is the group link: Philadelphia Regional Rail Studio - Roblox

Here is proof that my purchase of the group’s gamepass went to the USER with the same ID as the group, and not the GROUP:

I created this pass in the group game’s store two days ago on April 23rd. The strange thing about this is that we receive the other funds from the other gamepasses just fine, but for some reason THIS gamepass’s funds are going to a user with the same userID as our groupID.

To reproduce this bug, all you have to do is purchase the gamepass and see that the Source is the user, and not our group, even though the gamepass is owned by the group.

I really hope that the engineers will take a look at this issue and restore the funds that are rightfully ours to our group! So far we have lost out on 42,000 robux of profit.

EDIT: We temporarily took the gamepass off-sale so no more money goes to the random account. If any Roblox staff need me to put the pass back on sale to test anything, please let me know.


Just checked with my own group. It looks like there is a user that shares my group ID but I don’t immediately notice any funds going awry like that. Maybe this is an isolated issue but I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it for now!


Also it’s just the funds from THAT gamepass that are being funneled into the random account. The other two passes in our game work just fine


This is happening to multiple people, happened to me while transferring Robux from my alt to my group.

My gamepass link: Coo'ing Chicken Skin - Roblox
The account that got the Robux: zmaite - Roblox
My group: Bad Bullfrog - Roblox
The game that sells the gamepass: Gemworks Demo - Roblox
My alt that bought the gamepass:

ID for their profile: 10145133
ID for my group: 10145133


Does the gamepass ID share an ID with anything that user may be selling?

WOW! This does seem like a random and serious issue. I can’t imagine how many people have had their funds misdirected and don’t have a loud voice to speak their concern like I am fortunate enough to…


Unsure right now, I am too busy to check at the moment, but I am confident the engineers will address this promptly


I believe the same thing happened to me before. If this keeps up multiple users could lose thousands of robux.

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We’ve already lost out on 42,000 robux. It’s insane.

The gamepass link does not exist.

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This is the first time I’ve seen something like this happen, very unusual and damaging if you ask me. I hope things get resolved soon! :crossed_fingers:

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They do not. I opened the links up and they return error codes.

Please stop replying to this topic. You are spamming the thread with irrelevant posts.


hey y’all, thanks for reporting the issue. we’re looking into it and will post any updates to this thread.


Thank you! Your help is greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing further developments on this. :pray:

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Quite interesting.

A possibly related bug I’ve seen is when you view clothing and check the owner the name is often something like “x clothing homestore”, but when you check the creator itself it would link you to an old inactive account from 2006-2008. What I think is happening is that the group and old account both have the same ids and roblox gets confused.

I seem to not be able to replicate it, though.

Made a gamepass yesterday and had like 15 purchases and none were logged in audits, robux didnt add to pending robux, I thought this only happened for me. Lost around 10k in profits… Took the pass down now.

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Literally me! Thank you for bringing this up


Hey everyone, i have this problem too, it’s very weird.


Experiencing this. I’ve lost ~100 robux, glad this is being looked into. Interesting, but a huge problem.