Group Gamepass Funds are Going to Random Roblox Account with Same ID as Group

The same problem happened to me,

My Group:

Alzen Studios - Roblox

The person that has same ID:

amimedicen - Roblox

I Hope You fix that too


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Does that mean I can enable sale for my gamepass again? I took it offsale so robux won’t be going to that alt anymore. Also will we be refunded the Robux we deserve??

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Oh, wow. That’s alot. Hopefully everybody gets refunded with what they have lost.

Does this happen to devproducts too? I bought a devproduct on a group game, I own the group by the way. I checked the pending funds later and there should have been 35, but there were none.

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Personally I think you should keep it off sale for now as thomas never said it was officially fixed at the moment only that they found the cause.

Yea I’m keeping it off-sale until it’s confirmed to be fixed, just wanted to ask if it is cause I’m losing on revenue the longer i put it off-sale

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hey folks - I followed up with the team and they’ve given me the following guidance:

  • for NEW gamepasses: it is okay to create new gamepasses and put them on sale
  • for IMPACTED gamepasses: it is NOT okay to put these gamepasses on sale again. the team is in the process of auditing and fixing the issue

as for devproducts, I’m following up on this to see if it has had a similar issue.


Does roblox have any plans for backwards compatibility here?

Currently on our game Lifting Titans I know some game passes are effected, however have no clue how I am meant to tell which. Secondly, if we are not receiving funds from these transactions does roblox intend to compensate the hundreds of thousands of robux we have lost, and the millions of robux developers on the platform as a whole have lost?


this also happens to recommended clothing for like a month but i never bothered opening a bug report so just gonna use this thread, i assume they’re connected

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Are we able to check if game passes are effected by simply buying them all? I’ve done this with our game passes and they all show as going to our group, but does this mean they are safe? Or does this error only happen occasionally?

Just confirming that we are handling this appropriately on our end. Thanks for your quick response + solid communication with developers on this issue

The person has owned shaggy for 4 years, so either they made their robux, bought it, or have been taking advantage of this for a while.

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same thing here :frowning:


User who bought

I already made a topic about this here

Just got this message and I’ve “recieved” (didnt recieve yet cause nothing changed only audits) the wrong amount of Robux. I’m supposed to be getting 10485 robux cuz my gamepass has had 15 purchases (16 including mine but i bought it for 1 robux) and double that by 699 (the amount after the 30% fee from the gamepass that originally cost 999)

After checking audits only 15 out of 16 (including mine) purchases have been restored, I’m afraid this mistake might be a thing for other people too, Roblox still owes me 1 lost purchase.

Is it normal that I didn’t get anything added to my pending Robux (the gamepasses show in audits with the pending state on for them and there was no increase in group funds or pending Robux)? Is that message supposed to act as a heads up or something regarding the Robux adding up in the near future? And is it finally safe to sale it again???


It is safe to put your passes back on sale guys, I took a risk to confirm.


Over 986 have gone to some random user and not my friend’s group over this. I’m really annoyed and I just want my payment for the work I did.

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Yeah, this also happend to me, i ended up reciving a message saying that “0” robux will be added back twise and then i finally ot the correct message, lol

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happened to me a couple days ago and got a message about it

Apologies for the late reply - all messaging to affected devs have gone out and the issue has now been resolved.


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