Group Member Only Game Access

I could’ve sworn there was an option in the past that only group members could access an experience. I am speaking of an experience under a group, with only those group members accessing it and nobody else.

If you set the game to the public, anyone can join. You can attempt to utilize the collaboration button and set all group members to play, but then the game doesn’t show on the group page.

How do you achieve a group game that is visible on the group page, yet only accessible to that groups members?

I am not seeking a script. I just want to know if there is a setting that allows what i’ve described. I could’ve sworn there was.


Try this:

local GroupID = 000000000 -- Put here Your Group ID

	local Rank = player:GetRankInGroup(GroupID)
	if Rank == "Guest" then
		--If user in not member
		player:Kick("You was kicked from server.") -- Is kick player from server
		--If user is member

There are a setting that can give permission just to the group member but recently they change the create ui.

You’re not mistaken, looks like it might’ve been removed. IIRC it used to be an option in both of these places.

Creator Dashboard / Develop Page

Roblox Studio (looks like this game of mine actually might still have it set)


Yes, I remember there being a setting. I can’t find it now though… But you can still use a script for the same purpose!

Setting the game to Private will unlist the game from the group page, and setting it to Public will allow everyone to join.
I don’t think there’s a setting for that, nor do I remember there being one. :confused:

I remember there being more settings to these permission. I’ve discussed this with numerous people and they all said the same thing, its in permissions. This setting honestly just disappeared with no word from ROBLOX.

As I said in my post, I am not seeking a script. Thank you though.


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