Group models & packages appears as empty

The create hub is unable to display any group models for my group.

I tried to look at the toolbox but it was loading indefinitely, but the group definitely does have models. If I go to asset manager and publish to the group, all of these show up

Expected behavior

I would like to be able to see all the models we have published to the group on the create page.

Page URL:

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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Hey @Usering, if you reload the webpage & restart Studio and does the issue still occur?
If so, can you

  1. Go to the webpage you linked
  2. Right click → click Inspect
  3. Select the Network tab
  4. Find the text box that says “Filter” and enter the text “toolbox” in there
  5. click on the network request that says 10?limit=30
    And send me what you see? (Either here or in DM’s.) It should look something like this:
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Hey has there been any updates regarding this bug?

Hey @Usering , sorry for leaving you in the dark. We’re busy working on other projects (e.g. Roblox Creator Roadmap → “More Ways to Earn and Advertise”) so will try and tackle this early next year. If this is severely impacting your workflow though, please let us know!

Alright, thanks for the update. The only case I really wanted this to work was to archive unnecessary models, as we utilize model publishing/downloading to maintain our game source. Now, we have tooling to automate the model uploading process so it isn’t an issue for me anymore.

Is there any way to archive models outside of the create dashboard?

@Usering What do you mean by “archive models” in this case?

The only reason we ever use group models is to upload our game source & assets to Roblox. Looking at this UI, you must scroll pretty far to find the correct models. The only method Roblox gives us to hide these is through a page that never loads its contents.

Thanks for the feedback. To clarify, what are you referring to here when you talk about hiding them? Turning off the Distribute on Marketplace toggle?

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All of these models that show up in toolbox, asset manager, etc (any place that displays models) I want to archive. The only way to do that I’ve found is through the create dashboard, which according to this bug report isn’t able to load group models.

Can confirm this is still happening. I could not access the group models of my group, neither i can publish or overwrite any group models.

I see, so @Usering so assuming archive = turning off the Distribute on Marketplace toggle, the current workaround is to turn that toggle off from Studio. In the screenshot you provided you can right click on an asset → click “Edit Asset”, then turn off the toggle there.
Note that you can only do this in Studio if you created the asset; if you didn’t create the asset, you’ll have to ask the group member who did to follow the above steps.

@Awesome90752903 does your issue happen in Studio or Creator Hub?

That didn’t seem to change anything. The models didn’t start showing up in the asset manager, and there’s no way still for me to archive them.

Could you clarify what you meant by this? If I’m understanding correctly, it seems like you want assets to not show up in the Toolbox creations for your group. But there’s no way to archive/hide them once they’ve been published to the group, so I’m curious what you mean by being able to do that from the Creator Dashboard. Archiving may exist for experiences but it doesn’t for models in groups.