Group OverHaul Ideas

As a Roblox Developer it’s currently impossible to use Roblox Groups efficiently. Thus, I have a list of things that groups could use to get better and make efficiency go up extremely (and maybe end the idea of having a whole Discord dedicated to a development group, because we all know how much you guys want to prevent us from talking about Discord on the main site.)

Multiple Group Walls
Similar to how many Discord Channels have special areas that only certain key “staff” can see, multiple group walls could achieve this. By having multiple group walls, users could make a wall for only “staff” members, and still keep one open for “fans” when it comes to development groups. Clan groups could also use this for a “High Rank” wall and a “Low Rank” wall. And most groups could also implement an “Announcement” wall where things can be posted by “Staff” and only seen by “Fans.”

Group Block
Sometimes users make alternate accounts used only for the sake of trolling a group. The group owner and those given a certain permission should be allowed to permanently block a user from re-joining the group to prevent them from doing any damage to the group.

Play “Restricted” Games
It would be nice to have a feature to “restrict” a game so only certain users can play it. This could be useful for alpha/beta testing or for clans to make their training games only accessible to players in their group rather than using a script to kick anyone who is not in the group.

Remove Dead Groups
When a group has 0 players in it, wait 30 days for any issues of “hacking” to come up, and if nobody appeals ownership to the group, remove it. Let that name back into the pool of names to be bought. Simple enough idea. 30 days is plenty of time re-gain your property if it’s lost to unholy means.

Owner Reported Wall Posts
When an owner reports a post on the wall for being inappropriate or whatever, and it goes up for review by Roblox staff, remove it from the wall. Make it hidden from public sight. If the owner reported it, it’s probably pretty bad.


Multiple Group Walls: This would be cool, I’d use it for my development group, differing walls per game, or one group wall for bug reports or feature requests. You’re right, Discord is a great example of how this can work, some of Roblox Titanic’s most dedicated fans give me lots of good feedback.
More importantly though, I think is a custom blacklist of words that when posted, are automatically removed from the group wall. Stuff so I can block spam, most recently stuff like “you won’t believe how many followers I have on my account”

Group Block: You currently get Exile user and the option to remove all posts. I don’t see much of a solution to this one, since the could keep creating new accounts, and you can’t IP ban them from your group. If this gets really bad, you could create a role set for newly joined accounts, who can’t post to wall.

Play Restricted Games: You can set group games to group only access. It would then be possible, to create an entirely new group with just a few select testers, away from your main development group.

Remove Dead Groups: No comment, don’t really care

Owner Reported Wall Posts: Interesting idea, should be done, but for now (imo) you should delete posts instead of report them since it could cause more harm while moderation takes action than just getting rid of it.

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This becomes increasingly difficult if you have people on your development team who don’t have BC and therefore are limited on groups and such.

Same to be honest. But like, that’s what irks me about it. Why should I just remove it and move on when all that does is enable their behavior? If they carry on in a game with someone everyone gets to report them and Roblox steps in, but in a group they get away with it because you have to remove it so you can keep people from spamming the wall with fighting.

The big thing is you can minimize the accounts doing stuff. Sure they can keep making alternates but there are people who will give up after their main is blocked out.

Player restricted games (either by group rank or player username) would be such a helpful feature in dev groups. Beta testing in crucial to the development process and putting out a quality game, being able to only let people in a tester rank enter a game would save so much time.


Here’s some more ideas. :wink:

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Not quite too sure on this one. On one hand, I’m really against deleting these kinds of things due to the potential risk of losing stuff. On the other, most groups that are 0 members are usually abandoned for someone to take, or inaccessible by anyone. Maybe for this situation it’d be good to keep it around for those odd edge cases to not have trouble, but also rename it to a generic name/number no one would need, to open up the name for usage?

Otherwise, real swell list. Would love to see these ideas brought in. Maybe some way for the owner reported wall posts to be expanded to certain user ranks if needed, too.

I have to imagine that what would be done is taking the group and renaming it like [Content Deleted] followed by the group ID. That’d work best at least I’d imagine.

My biggest issue is that just what you said. There are groups with 0 users and are locked. It’s ridiculous. Especially considering half the time they have logos saying “Closed by clan name” which just means someone decided to deteriorate the group because they “didn’t like the owner.” That name should be given back to the community. Even if it’s more than a 30 day waiting period, something should be done.

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That, and I’d have a pretty wild guess and say there may have been people taking groups for the cash left behind before the update where you could remove robux, and then closed them up so that no one could see who took the cash. I don’t really have anything to back that thought up, though.

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Can confirm I had a friend stumble into a group that had 0 members and was open with over 300k R$ in it. He believed the group was used by one of those websites that sell hats or whatever like that and the owner got banned? maybe?

Perhaps. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people going around abandoned groups for a quick buck, but also heard not too long ago that someone used a bot to check every single group and claim them. What exactly they meant by that, I have no clue. Claim, check cash, and then leave? Claim, check cash, and then close up to manual approval before leaving? I don’t have a clue.

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I can’t picture these new ideas into my head until I see a new group redesign. I pray that they’ve done a good job on it, so that these ideas seem natural to implement.