Group Ownership Succession Change

Hey Developers,

In response to this issue Follow Up: Accounts Incorrectly Moderated (Plugins), we have implemented a change to groups in order to modify the behavior of how permanently banned accounts automatically lose ownership of the groups. The previous behavior for groups would allow anyone to claim groups whose owners were permanently banned.

The new behavior will allow permanently banned users the opportunity to appeal the ban without automatically losing the group. Which means permanently banned accounts keep ownership of the group. We are currently reviewing other ways this behavior will work in the future.

Our product is complex and always changing to accommodate new features that enable our developers to succeed and grow. If there are any legacy features that are not up-to-date with the standards of our platform please let us know. Feel free to reply to this topic if you are aware of any.

The Roblox Team


I feel like there should be a way to permanently exile a user from a group. Countless times have I had people spamming, then rejoining after being exiled.


There should be a feature where if a group has 0 people it removes the group.

(this would allow you to use a group name that already has been taken by that inactive/useless group)


After 30 days of a termination, you are no longer allowed to appeal your account. I think that after this time, the group should be up for grabs, OR you can automatically give it up to someone else when the 30 days are up.


The group admin page needs a major revamp. It has been out of date for years and needs to be modernized. There are a few things on it that are not used anymore in addition to it just being old and ‘ugly’ and no where near up to day with the current platform standards.


@Snowskateer @UniversalGravity
Guys, as far as talking about features for groups, make feature request posts.


This wouldn’t be good for a development group where multiple developers receive group funds regularly. Somebody could step in and steal everybody else’s work and income.


I’m not completely sure how I feel about that. Accounts that are permanently banned should have something like a 30-day review period, just in case the ban was an accident of some sorts and the user gets their account back. 30 days should be enough. After that point, it’s probably safe to say that they aren’t getting the account back and then should probably lose ownership of the group.

As I was typing this, I scrolled to see that @AlreadyPro beat me to it. Nice one.


I feel as if adding a time period for this would be sufficient to solve the problem. As in that, the group ownership is lost after x amount of time, a month or so could do. That should be plenty of time for the person to appeal and get everything sorted. Of course, this does require a bit of extra work and all, but from what I’ve heard people seem to be on both sides of this argument that losing the group when being terminated is a bad thing, and I believe this would be the middle ground solution.


Its nice knowing my group will be protected if i was accidentally terminated. However, the group page is in need of major improvements. Hope to see much more soon! :slight_smile:


Awesome, this will put a bunch of people at ease.

The 30 day appeal limit is already in effect, but I would love to see it implemented in the group succession.


And as I hit post, I see that both of you beat me to it as well. I guess it is true what they say, “great minds think alike”. :thinking:


I also stated that you should be able to choose someone to claim it. If you don’t choose anyone, then leave it open for the public.


send my regards to the team behind this :pray: :pray:


as a group owner (for 7 years now)

I want a way to prevent users from rejoining the group after being exiled

I am forced to have a “pending” rank so when spammers do rejoin the group they can’t post.

this wouldn’t be a big deal if I could have more ranks but I have to use 1 of them to sort out people I dont want in the group.

that’s all for legacy features I guess, I have a lot more complaints about the group page that I feel is limiting my interaction with current, and potential members… ruining the “social” factor


This can be exploited, if a user is terminated then that means they did something bad. If you allow them to choose a successor then they’ll just make an alternative account that sits there and wait in case they get terminated and the whole thing starts all over again.


I don’t think groups should be up for grabs at all. It doesn’t belong to the guy “lucky enough” to pass by the group right as it loses the owner. Like limiteds, it shouldn’t go to random people when an owner gets deleted, it doesn’t make sense.


I would keep discussing about the topic, but from the results of previous discussions on the devforums about changes to the site, not much is going to change.

Why do you want ownership to open up after a month?