Group payouts not paying out automatically

Reproduction Steps
Open a group with only 1 member and collect group funds, set the automatic payout to pay 100% to the only person in the group.

Expected Behavior
I expect it to automatically payout group funds sitting in the group “Rad Commissions” like my other group “Green Bagel Games” is seen doing on the money summary page provided in the screenshot.

Actual Behavior
When group funds are sitting in my group, they do not automatically pay out. I have the payout percentage set to pay me 100% since I am the only member in the group, yet it still does not pay out automatically. I have to keep manually doing one-time payouts.

Manually pay out the funds to myself using the one-time payout option. I’d prefer this just be an automatic proccess as this gets tedious to do every time.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
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Bumping this since it seems it hasn’t been acknowledged yet. This bug is still happening.

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This glitch happened to me too


I think this is a misunderstanding of how group funds work. Recurring payouts do not take funds from the group funds and split them out on a regular basis - rather, whenever a purchase is made, it splits it out to the recurring payout recipients if it is an eligible purchase type (this is anything besides clothing purchases, clothing purchases go straight to group funds). Any funds you have in your group funds before setting up recurring payouts will stay there unless you do a one time payout.


The automatic payout feature does not work with clothing. Could that be your issue?

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Ah so that’s why, all the group’s funds were collected via t-shirt. Thanks for the clarification!

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