Group profiles for companies/teams

Sup devs!

'm the creator and CEO of a relatively large studio here at roblox, we’ve hired and collaborated with a lot of developers, and we’ve found most of them on DevForum and TalentHub…

However, whenever we are looking for new developers, we must use our personal Roblox accounts for this, and it is often unprofessional and ends up not giving us credibility.

I believe that profiling groups in talenthub should be implemented soon. With systems similar to the standard website group, but with several more functions, **such as,

  • Defining recruiters,
  • Displaying an area with the profiles of team members,
  • Placing a portfolio of games/services,
  • A detailed description and even a banner for the profile!**

Group recruiters could then use the group profile to recruit and search for new developers!

I believe this is a great implementation and evolution for devforums, thus boosting new and current studios.

Thx for reading!


The Devforum is not meant for recruiting (that’s why the Talent Hub exists). This would be a better feature request for that site instead


I’m interested on how using personal accounts is unprofessional. Do developers really have a separate developer accounts?


I do understand how this could be valid if we were living in 2020-2021. Back when #collaboration:recruitment was still a thing. I get how it can be slightly unprofessional to have some worker at a group make a topic on the DevForum about looking for developers to hire. I can see how it would be more professional to have more branding. But, we’re now almost halfway through 2022 and that’s just not relevant anymore. Feel free to disagree with my opinions.


I get that having a group account is more professional for recruiting on the DevForum but there is no longer recruiting because of the shutdown of #collaboration


Thanks for the ideas @MaxFlubber !

We think these kind of features are better suited for the Talent Hub ( since that product is meant to be specifically for portfolios, recruiting and team profiles.

I’ve gone ahead and moved this over to #feature-requests:talent-hub-features and modified the title slightly. Feel free to edit/add more information for the Talent Hub team here.