Banners in devforum

This isnt an important feature, but would be pretty cool to have.

If you know discord, discord has banners for nitro users which shows when you click on his profile. What if we implement it in the forum?

But, what if banners are… Innanpropriate?
We can simply only force the user which wants a banner to use images only uploaded to roblox.

what if the image was bypassed?
add an report button for the banner.

Thanks for reading.


Pretty good idea. Would definitely spice up our profiles :hot_pepper:. Though idk if Discourse supports it.


Even if they dont, they can make some extension for discourse of banners, or if its already made they can add the extension


Yea true. There should be a report button in case there is an inappropriate one that passed moderation.


I forgot how terrible roblox moderation is, thanks for suggesting.


I don’t think there should be anything in the Devforum that costs money. It will just create a bragging competition on who has the highest tier or the coolest banner.


Its just an example, I actually never intend ir to be for money


Maybe if you get an badge you will get an exclusive banner? - Idea

I dont want people to be incentive. Just make it even if you dont have a badgw

Hmmmm It would work, but i think that if you would get any of the badges you can get a banner too

What is this exclusive banner your talking about?

You can get an banner for doing an badge so it’s exclusive to people that earned the badge - that’s what im talking about.

Everyone will say “eh same banner” but good try though

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Neat idea but kinda unnecessary. It’d be best if the devforum kept it’s profiles as is.


If they would introduce the banners they would probably be sold for robux, i think

no!!! this forum ia completely free and will never change

Yeah i said that at the first line of the topic. just some fun idea, also it has no bad when you add banners.

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Oh, sorry. I forgot about that devforum is robux free. Sorry about that haha, it’s not roblox

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Yup it would, but maybe only for regulars (once they promote more regulars)

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No, theres no reason to lock it to regulars, leave alone members too as they will probably never make regular promotions again


I see no use cases for this, besides possibly making DevForum profiles look better.

DevRel should be focusing on stuff like finding ways to resume Regular Promotions rather then adding banners which require extra moderation.