Group Recruiting Plaza - [Rules]


  1. Follow ROBLOX ToS and Community Rules at all times.

  2. Don’t cause distress for players - don’t troll, interfere with or attack others in a way that would make them feel unwelcome at GRP.

  3. Don’t cause distress for GRP - don’t exploit, misuse any feature (booths, signs etc) that would ruin our image or interfere with the delivery of our service.

  4. Don’t cause distress for staff - listen to all staff instructions, regardless if you agree, and don’t get involved in situations that don’t pertain to you.

  5. Follow GRP’s chain of command - if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to an observer first to see if they can help you.

  6. Practice good judgement - if whatever you are doing seems like it could cause distress to either players, GRP and/or staff, stop immediately and ask Observer+ if it is okay or not.

Staff are permitted “discretion” when handling situations - they may make rulings about a situation that may not be covered in rules. If you’re told to stop by staff, do not argue or debate it. If you believe they did not act correctly, you can talk to a member of the Operations department.

You are obligated to read the rules when using our service, “I did not know” is not an excuse, and GRP staff are not obligated to warn prior to kicking/banning for any rule written here.


  1. Distress for Players

  2. Hate Speech (7d - Permanent Ban)

GRP seeks to provide an inclusive and safe environment. Sharing any controversial opinions that are hateful or hostile in nature is strictly prohibited. This is including but not limited to: racism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia and anti-semitism.

  1. Hate Symbols

This pertains to WW2-era Germany and the symbols of that time period - they are prohibited as they can cause severe distress to players. This includes but is not limited to the jet-black SS uniform, swastika, totenkopf, odal runes, siegs rune and neo-nazi symbols. The only exception to this rule is the Imperial Eagle and Iron Cross as they have reserved more prevalent meanings. Any “edgy” or problematic WWII German groups will be removed from GRP. This rule also blankets any hateful/edgy iconography adopted to represent racism, terrorism etc.

  1. Trolling (3 - 5d ban)

Any action taken against another player that causes distress or problems. If you are asked to stop and continue it is both trolling and harassment and it is not allowed. This also includes offering unnecessary and unwanted criticism to others.

  1. Defamation (3 - 7d ban)

GRP is not a courtroom and evidence can not be supplied easily with accusations. As such, you cannot make accusations - whether true or not - against other GRP staff or players. If you believe their actions have broken GRP rules, please submit a report.

  1. Scamming (7d - Permanent ban)

Business is one of the key focuses at GRP, and as such we are very strict against people who take advantage of others. While this seems common sense, any sort of transaction where you fail to deliver what was promised - or took something without giving anything in return - will result in a ban.

  1. Loitering (Kickwarn/Serverban)

In a service where optics (public opinion) mean everything, having people loiter (stand around) can severely injure other people’s businesses or groups. As such it is not allowed to stand in front of or around booths that you do not intend to join or aren’t a part of. GRP 2020’s conveyor belt is a good guideline for this.

  1. Panhandling (Kickwarn/Serverban)

It is important to GRP’s success that we do not allow for panhandling (begging) for ROBUX or items - it creates a negative atmosphere and makes people feel unwelcome. This does not include asking for funds for uniform or asking for paying work.

  1. False Advertising

GRP does not allow people to advertise giveaways or situations that seem “too good to be true” as they are more often than not sketchy and do not come as advertised. We have an obligation to protect our players as much as possible.

All ban times listed are what to expect - punishment could be more lenient or severe depending on the staff member handling your situation.

2. Distress for GRP

  1. Politics (3 - Permanent ban)

GRP cannot provide a safe and inclusive environment if our platform is misused. As such, the practice and preaching of real-world politics at the GRP is prohibited. You may only reference politics if it is for a ROBLOX affiliated group or is a community of people who follow the same ideologies. “Republicans of ROBLOX” is permitted but “Vote for Xyz” is not. If you are caught using your ro-politic or political community group to cause debates and issues at GRP, your group will no longer be welcome. Remember that GRP and ROBLOX are intended for kids and kids cannot vote.

  1. Booth Misuse (3-5d ban)

In order to maintain GRP’s positive appearance, booths must be used for some interactive and meaningful purpose. This includes but is not limited to: recruiting, advertising for any TOS-friendly service, fun and engaging booths and looking for group/business. While it is fun to use booths for their unintended purpose, they detract from what GRP is trying to accomplish.

In addition, all booths must be actively used. If you purchase a booth and use it to redirect to another, don’t pay attention to it or go AFK you surrender your rights to that booth and may lose it. Only purchase a booth if you intend to actively use it. This doesn’t mean you’re glued to it, but be reasonable when stepping away from it and abandon it if you’ll be gone long.

  1. Multiple Booths (Kickwarn - Groupban)

If you have a large group of people on a server, you may claim and use three booths. You cannot circumvent (get around) this rule with divisions or “allied groups”. Repeated offenses could result in a groupban.

  1. Feature Misuse (3d ban)

Using the shout, bots, signs or decals improperly is not allowed. Ensure you are using them for a group, business, service or safe fun.

  1. Exploits (Permanent ban)

Any sort of exploit or glitching is not permitted and will result in an immediate and unappealable permanent ban.

  1. Group Raiding (Permanent Groupban)

Any combined effort to raid, troll or disrupt the plaza will result in an immediate groupban for the involved group, and permanent bans for the owners. Our service is severely disrupted when an organized effort is taken against us, and we must be sure to protect our prospects and ensure everyone is enjoying the plaza.

  1. Relevant Advertising

GRP and our Discord may only be used to advertise ROBLOX-related social media.

All ban times listed are what to expect - punishment could be more lenient or severe depending on the staff member handling your situation.

3. Distress for Staff

  1. Listen to Staff (Kickwarn - Permanent ban)

Staff are given authority and responsibility because they are trusted by GRP’s management to serve the best interests of the Plaza. If you are instructed to do something by staff, there is no room for argument or debate - please just do as you are told and record the situation if you think something is wrong. Once the situation has been resolved, you may bring it up to the staff member or a member of the Operations division if you believe they acted improperly.

  1. Staff Interference (Kickwarn - Permanent ban)

Any action that interferes with a staff member’s ability to do their job is strictly prohibited. This includes standing in their character, jumping around them or trying to repeatedly talk with them while they are clearly occupied. It is also not allowed to undermine them by claiming you will “report them” or that they have “AA’d” as it invites others to doggy-pile into the staff member and could result in many individuals being kicked.

  1. Staff Impersonation (Kickwarn - Permanent ban)

It is a severe offense to impersonate a member of GRP’s staff or support (observer) team. If anyone could act and pretend like they were staff, it would create a bad image for our team. Our staff members earn their positions and do not take it lightly when others pretend to accomplish their feats.

  1. Loopholing/Lawyering (Kickwarn - Permanent ban)

Staff have the final say in all situations. Attempting to circumvent any rule or attempting to lawyer these rules is not permitted. You have freedom of speech, but you do not have immunity from punishment for your speech.

All ban times listed are what to expect - punishment could be more lenient or severe depending on the staff member handling your situation.


Group Recruiting Plaza has an obligation to ensure the following:

  • ROBLOX’s ToS and Rules are followed and respected.
  • Players feel safe and welcome at GRP.
  • GRP is able to perform its function without interference or delay.
  • Staff are able to perform their duties.

We cannot allow any action or individual who prevents us from meeting our obligation. These rules are subject to change at any time as the Plaza’s requirements and needs grow. Act with dignity and respect to all and you will find yourself welcome here. If you have any questions, please contact ComRel Manager MikeyAxius or Rule Draftsman FlamePrince.


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