Cupz Cafe | Recruitment Guide

Greetings! Welcome to the Cupz Cafe recruitment guide. If you ever want to go recruiting, this is the guide for you!

Please only use the Group Recruiting Plaza for this. Anywhere else and you’ll be demoted.

Group Shouts

[RECRUITMENT] Greetings! An interview session will be beginning at [TIME] within the Group Recruitment Plaza! Please start to make your way down.

[RECRUITMENT] We have finished recruiting members! If you were one, why not join our Communications Server? You will be able to get updated with everything that’s going on!

Booth Setup

Booth Setup

The colour of the booth can be any colour of your choice, as long as the text is visible.

The description should be:

Welcome to Cupz Cafe!

Cupz Cafe is a Roblox group which is striving to be the best of the best! With our friendly staff members and unforgettable service, there is no reason not to come back to Cupz Cafe! Never before would you have ever seen such good Coffees, Teas, Sodas and more!

The booth logo should be: 4017313759 (Spooky Season logo ; Made by fxllenLyoo)
If you have a custom sign, it should say: Join Cupz Cafe today! We’re hiring staff! Why not join? It’ll be fun!
Announcements should be: Welcome to Cupz Cafe! | Hiring MRs! A group with a friendly community, join today! Speak to us at our booth.

Remember, anyone can go recruiting for Cupz Cafe at the Group Recruiting Plaza, but make sure you follow their rules!

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