Group Recurring Payout Not Splitting Correctly

The Issue:
We currently set our group recurring payout to be 50%/50%. We are experiencing 2 issues with this setting. First, some of the sales still go to the group fund when they should be split between us. Second, we do not get the same amount even though it is 50% and 50% split. When you own a group, under Group Admin, Payouts, Recurring Payout.

Figure A

We noticed this issue has been occurring for over a year now. We constantly get group funds and different amounts of Robux from sales. The recurring payout setting of 50%/50% that you can see in Figure A hasn’t changed in 2 years. However, when we compare the “Group Payouts” in our summary for the time period of “Past Year”. We notice that I gained an extra 220 000 Robux compared to her total. I only gained 25 Robux from sales of goods, all the income came from group payouts. I was also only part of one group (the development group) in the past 2 years, I could not have gained it from another group.

We do not know what is causing those issues but they have been affecting us for a year now. We would like an investigation to be made and have the issues fixed. It is also making us uneasy that the Robux is not divided correctly as it may lead to more serious problems. What if her Robux part actually vanish, instead of just being split incorrectly? It is only leaving us with questions and doubts.

We do not have a repro for either of the issues but they have been happening constantly and the causes are unknown. Here are the possible prices of our products, spread between 3 games.
Gamepass: 20R, 100R, 240R, 300R, 1200R.
Dev Product: 20R, 60R, 200R, 300R, 500R.
VIP Server: 20R, 40R.
Group Clothing: 6R, 20R.

Issue 1: Gaining group funds when settings are set to 50%/50%.
Issue 2: Sales not divided evenly when settings are set to 50%/50%. By checking yearly group revenue, I get a lot more somehow? Why does she get less, where did her missing Robux go?


When an amount cannot be evenly split between the payout recipients, the remainder goes straight to group funds and can be paid out manually.


Is that an exact amount, or a rough estimate?

Do you see a similar difference when comparing other time frames, e.g. last month or last week?

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If my calculation is correct, all of our products should split evenly. They are all multiples of 20 on purpose. After the tax, 20 is exactly 14, so 7 when divided. Except for that one shirt that costs 6 Robux, which is 4 with tax, and 2 when divided.
As for the difference in “Group Payouts” by time, here are the exact data when we compared.
Past Year: I got 220 682 more.
Past Month: I got 29 750 more.
Past Week: I got 4 417 more.

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I would advise dropping group recurring payments entirely and document it yourself


I think one thing is that you don’t get recurring payouts from clothing, only games, which is why some robux might go to the group funds. I’m not sure but that is what Iv’e been told.

Thanks for the tips TheAmazeman, we will use your trick if Roblox staff team can’t fix our issue. We did not know about the clothing, phxtn, but even with that knowledge, the amount of Robux we get in group fund is too big for the clothes sales.

We would also really like to know where our Robux is going. More importantly, than gaining group funds, we also get an uneven amount of Robux in the supposedly equal split. I am not a website payment engineer, but in the worst-case scenario, could that mean that some of our Robux are deleted with all those weird transactions?

Any explanations for our situation yet?

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@Iron_Legion We would think an issue involving the disappearance of a large amount of Robux would be dealt with more concerns. It’s been 13 days already and we have no follow up.

Could you take a random day from the past week and compare each group payout amount between your payout and your partner’s payout? Is there a difference in every single transaction? Does your payout history include items that aren’t listed on your partner’s payout history, or is every payout listed on both sides?

Essentially I am suggesting that you line them up 1:1 and look for any differences. That will help us a lot with tracking down what is going on.

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Is there any way to export the transactions as .csv or something similar? Just from looking at today there are 1000+ transactions. It would be really tedious to compare from the website.

I also have an issue that ties along with this. In our group we split it 45 - 45 which leaves the remaining 10% to go to group funds. Yet somehow the group still has more pending than me. I understand if it can’t be split evenly it goes to the group but I feel as if that gap is way too big and I should still have more pending than the group.

Group revenue:

My revenue:

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It’s been 23 days and we haven’t received any more support from Roblox Staff. It’s sad that we have 220 000 missing Robux but we have to take the matters in our own hands at this point. We will not use the recurring payout anymore. We do not recommend anyone to use this feature, it does not work properly. We will send all to group funds and split manually using @TheAmazeman 's method.

Right, but that doesn’t work very well for instance clothing groups as there’s like a lot of sales everyday, tracking it would be really hard

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