Group search should match whole query before matching individual terms

As a developer and player finding the correct group sometimes without using Google may be a bit too hard and takes too long. Often when a friend or fellow developer asks me or someone else to join a group, you’d normally search up the group in the search bar, however this doesn’t always work. Sometimes it shows up other groups that often aren’t even related to your group due to interpretation of the search query.

For an example let’s say I hired someone to work for my group “Tor Studios” and they search it up to join it. Instead of showing my group, it displays other groups such as “Shyfoox studios”. In this search, what is searches for is “Tor” and “Studios” and then of course the biggest group with the word “Studios” appears on the top which is “Shyfoox studios”.

A solution to this is making it search for the whole group name first then the words separate after if there’s no results. This will mean when you search, it will show the most relevant group which is often what the developer or player wishes to see. It prevents people from having to use Google if they wish to find a specific group.


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find my group in the group search page. It would be good if I could search a group and find it.

When searching in groups, my group does not appear even when group name is exactly the same as the search term.

Search Results
*Note - It doesn’t show even up to page 20

Group I was looking for

Maybe groups could be searched by to find the group with the closest name.

Groups could have tags if people wanted to search for types of groups (fashion, cafe, miltary …).


Going to go ahead and bump this. I’ll often enter the exact name of the group I’m looking for and have to dig through 12+ pages before I find it.

This is particularly problematic for game studio owners who are looking to secure their studio’s name and similar names on Roblox, and need to search for those unowned legacy groups that had already sniped them.


There’s been an issue with the roblox group search system for a long time, but no one has seem to say anything about it. Although many have been thinking about it, and have been annoyed about this issue. So the current issue with the group search system is that whenever you search for a specific group, 90% of the time it shows a completely different group related to nothing even close to what you searched for. For example I searched up “Era of Terror”, but the results showed groups like “Car crusher official group”, “Official Team Turtle”, or something completely non-related to what I searched up. Most people will say it’s because it has what you searched up in the group description, but yet that’s not the case considering there’s nothing in any of those groups that say “Era of Terror”. I’m getting tired of having to find groups I’m looking for, that shouldn’t be hard to find at all, quite frankly I’m getting tired of it and I know a bunch of others are as well. So here are a few other results that popped up whenever I was trying to find a specific group.

Attempting to search for specific groups

Stuff like that is what I’m talking about, as you can see in these screenshots that mostly every group that popped up as a result had nothing to do with the group I put in the search bar. It shouldn’t be that hard to make a good search filter, at the moment it’s so difficult to find a group that I’d like to join or look around in, why can’t it just be simple like it was a while back. Also one other issue is that if a new player to roblox goes to try and join a group, they search it up, but then there’s no results for their group or it’s 20 pages down, so either they can’t find the group or it’s unnecessarily far down the list of groups presented.


When viewing the requests Roblox sends, it appears they are using keyword-search, which is horrible when searching for exact group names. There is another API here that allows for name-search, which would produce more precise results:!/GroupSearch/get_v1_groups_search_lookup
And using the API mentioned above, you get the following results:!/GroupSearch/get_v1_groups_search
With the keyword-based search API, you get the following results


Ideally Roblox would simply change the search on the website to use the name-search API, rather than forcing people to access the API directly.

Or even better, let us pick with a drop-down!

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It’s a simple explanation as mentioned in my original post. Rather than searching for the entire provided keyword(s) it splits them up into individual words and return the largest groups with these words in either group name or description. So in your case it searches up the biggest groups with “Era,” “of” and “Terror” in both group name and description. As you may notice the second group in the screenshot you provided is named “Monsters of Etheria”

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