Group Subscriptions and Advanced Engagement Features

Roblox has made significant improvements with the recent addition of image integration in group announcements. To further elevate user engagement and foster community interactions, I propose a suite of new features focused on group subscriptions and enhanced customization.

A few ideas include:

  • Allow group members to unlock special ranks through subscriptions, promoting loyalty and active participation.

  • Introduce customizable rank colors that are visible when members post on the group wall, adding a visual layer of prestige and recognition.

  • Enable groups to create and use custom emojis, enhancing communication and allowing members to express themselves uniquely within the community.

  • Develop an API to check a player’s subscription status in real-time, enabling dynamic content and perks based on membership. For instance:

MarketplaceService:GetUserGroupSubscriptionStatusAsync(player, SUBSCRIPTION_ID)

These features encourage members to stay active and invested in their groups, creating a more vibrant and interactive community.


It would be much more convenient to use the existing subscriptions API and perhaps provide an extra returned key in the information retrieval API to determine whether the subscription is attached to a group or experience.

Given the lack of features elsewhere in the current group wall system I doubt this would be massively useful especially given the fact that as of currently, the group wall isn’t even a live stream of messages and only updates on page-refresh. Plus, I can unfortunately see some groups opting for making ‘custom emojis’ that could feature alphabetical letters. Malicious users could chain these together to create offensive language, and while you could report such messages, it feels like it could become a common occurance on such groups which likely wouldn’t have the groups themselves punished since it’s technically the message poster’s fault despite both parties being at true-fault.

Other than wanting to directly support the group owners / admins, I personally don’t see a reason why a user would subscribe to a group rank. Is there something I’m overlooking? As of currently, most groups opt for using an external chat application such as Guilded, which users wouldn’t be granted extra-permissions in unless an integration was added there too. The group wall in it’s current state isn’t ideal for live chat communications and I personally don’t see how the added ‘flair’ of a name color change could attract much revenue other than from those who are probably so invested into your group / game, they’d probably be willing to support via an in-game subscription / donation anyway. Is there a use case I’m missing here?

I also want to raise a potential problem with this feature request. Users can only have one group rank at a time (and changing this would break a bunch of in-experience APIs), which brings a slew of potential edge-cases:

  • An admin in your group wants to subscribe to get the extra coloured name, but the subscription rank doesn’t have their necessary permissions.
  • You have a Muted rank in your group, but somewhere there subscribes to get unmuted.
  • You want to change the rank of a player who has subscribed. It would be unfair to get paid if you revoke the player the rank.
  • You want to promote a member who has subscribed to an admin position, which has higher power.
  • You exile a player who had subscribed.

Then, there are the edge-cases of restoring a player’s rank once their subscription has run out:

  • What if their previous rank was deleted?
  • What if (during the time the user was subscribed) you wanted to change their group rank for after their subscription ends?
  • What if you have repurposed the rank and forgot that the user previously had the rank?

If you are suggesting that this be something different than a group rank, how would this work with the group rank dropdown? Would the user be listed twice? Could this perhaps be even more confusing?

I personally really like the idea of having special group emojis and subscriptions for groups, theres so many ideas that i have that would make my roblox group more active

I love the idea! To be honest, it kind of sounds like Guilded groups merged with Roblox groups. At this moment, groups on Roblox just seem outdated. They seem like a front for experiences, rather then a community.

I highly doubt that a software merge between Guilded and Roblox will ever happen.

This might be solved with roles, see the collaboration section in group creator hub

This is true however group roles are not visible on the group page which wouldn’t be ideal for a user-facing feature.