Groups Page Broken On Graceful

Ever since the maintenance today, the “Groups” tab of the DevForum has very odd scaling and the groups are going out of the box and becoming pretty hard to read. I can only reproduce this on the “Graceful” theme and it happens on both my 1440p monitor and my 1080p monitor.

The red squares are beta groups which may have something to do with the issue.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Go to DevForum | Roblox
  2. Set your theme to Graceful

Seems like this is a theme issue more than DevForum’s. I suggest reaching out to the theme’s author on the meta forum.

Probably not, this does not happen on the meta forum.


Uh, this doesn’t happen to me.

I’m on around 720p, maybe that’s why?

That is not the graceful theme.

It is, I’m just using a flag that makes the all webpages dark.


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On my phone the only thing that happens is that it gets ridiculously small.

Add into that, I enabled super-resolution on my driver’s settings, allowing me to go for 1080, and also 4k, still, no issue for me.

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Happens on Greyish Amber too though it’s not that bad (although I have a different resolution to you)

Much worse on Graceful though

For me, it looks terrible on mobile as well.

Have you tried cleaning up your cookies, just to be sure?
Also is your computer a Mac or Windows? You’re on Safari on iOS, maybe it’s a Safari thing if you have a Mac?

I just cleared my cookies and hard reloaded the page, and it’s still broken. I’m using Chrome on Windows 10 and Chrome on iOS 14. Although, it also happens with Safari on my iPhone.

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The only thing that I could say is that it could be a Regular only issue since I noticed that there was two groups that you had joined on the iPhone screenshot at the top which doesn’t show up for me

We don’t officially support the Discourse themes other than default light/dark themes.

They were installed here a long time ago. If we were to consider adding themes like this today, we would block that from engineering point of view, primarily because the authors of the plugins seem to not update them frequently enough to keep up with latest Discourse updates. (as you can tell)

Since people are using these still and other pages appear to work fine (?), I’ll keep the theme around, but will probably mark it as deprecated in its name.


This doesn’t happen to me and I’ve always used graceful.