Guardians - Update Log

Welcome to Inquisitors! Train with your lightsaber to become the best Sith Inquisitor!

This game is currently in BETA. Data will be reset A LOT.

Update Log:

Beta Launch: Inquisitors - Beta Launch (v0.0.0)
Update 1: Inquisitors - Update 1 (v0.1.0)
Update 2: Inquisitors - Update 2 (v0.2.0)
Update 3: Inquisitors - Update 3 (v0.2.1)
Update 4: Inquisitors - Update 4 (v0.3.0)
Update 5: Inquisitors - Update 5 (v0.3.1)
Update 5.5: Inquisitors - Update 5.5 (v0.3.1.1)
Update 6: Inquisitors - Update 6 (v0.3.2)
Update 7: Inquisitors - Update 7 (v0.3.3)
Update 8: Coming soon
Update 9: Coming soon

Bug Fix Log:

Update 2: Shop fixed
Update 6: Made dual wield lightsaber skills actually available
Update 7: Dual wield lasersaber skills weren’t retitled to ‘Dual Strike [number]’, Missions button appearing

Let us know if there are any bugs!

Play the game here: Inquisitors [BETA]

Inquisitors is being renamed to Guardians! Let’s also have a roadmap for the rest of the year so you know what comes next.

2020 Roadmap

Targeted for Fourth Quarter 2020 (October-December)

New map - Update 8
UI revamped - Update 8
Skills remade - Update 8
Terms renamed - Update 8
Missions - Update 9
Droids - Update 9

Update 9 could be in January, but for now, we think it will be sometime near the end of the year.

Next year will come shortly in December or something.