GUI Anti-Aliasing for Rotation

Right now whenever you rotate frames or images you get very, very jagged edges. This pretty much ruins the feature of having a Rotation property. I feel as a developer improving this edge would make GUI development so much easier. Right now the only way I can get around this is making a ton of images that are rotated, and playing them at a high speed [kind of like a sprite sheet]. This issue has seriously slowed down my development process.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

As you can tell, those edges are obvious. Fixing this would help so many developers.


This is a problem for me too. I’ve been trying to make a charge meter on my gun using the same images as the Transform tool in Studio and it makes my meter look atrocious.


The only solution right now is to implement as many preset segments as possible to minimize the rotation I have to do to a given element, or at least constrain it to what can be considered relatively clean angles that don’t cause the aliasing problem.

My initial action to try to achieve this effect was via clipping and rotating the 90 degree segment, but unfortunately ClipsDescendants does not affect rotated elements. This is worse than useless.

Overall, adding AA to GUI elements would clear out a number of obstacles:

  • Awkward angles that don’t match the GUI element’s shape won’t look bad (e.g. squares only look good at 45o increments).
  • I don’t have to upload dozens of images to try to merge as many angular units for arcs together as possible, which resolves a number of issues of its own, such as
    • I don’t make image moderators go through more images than necessary.
    • My clients don’t have to download as many textures, and don’t need to waste as many resources on said textures.
  • I don’t have to keep track of every single one of these images and program my GUI to swap them out on the fly. The code for what I have in the gif above is far more complex than I’d like it to be.

Been a problem for me as well. I always try to avoid rotation in frames due to this issue, but if it’s really necessary I have to make an entire frame in photoshop and import it to Roblox, which is a lot more process compared to just changing a single property. Hopefully some time Roblox gets on to this, considering it’s been improving HUGE lately.


Bumping this. It’s 2024, I can’t believe this is still an issue.