GUI Feedback For My Game

Hello, me and my friend have been working for around 1 hour on some designs for GUI, it’s for a “python course” where it teaches you the basics of Python. It’s not complete and the description was rushed and will be changed, I would love your feedback, thank you! (This is all we have done, but I feel like there is something missing) - Edit: I will post more pictures soon, and thanks for all the positive feedback, it encourages me to carry on developing and creating games!



I love the idea of a Roblox game that teaches you coding language, and the UI looks great.


Thank you, yourclingybf for your feedback

Dude, that’s amazing. Message me that link when it’s finished!

The icon for Java, JavaScript, RobloxLua, C++ and C# are broke.

Hoping this comes out soon, it would really help me learn Lua!


Hello, Grinch_1978

The other icons have not been added yet since I just wanted to make the layout first.

I will be happy to message you once finished, have a great day and thanks for the feedback.

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This looks phenomenal! I have no words to express how greatly the community needs one of these, as coding because more concurrent in our lives.

The overall GUI looks user-friendly and should be easy to access. You should try to specify what each type of coding is used for at the beginning too, such as if it’s used for mainly used for website design …etc

Nonetheless, round of applause to you. :clap:

Edit: Adding difficulty levels would also be pretty cool. To indicate which type of coding is easier to learn compared to the rest.


WOW, you seriously outdid yourself!
The only thing I don’t like is the start course button kind of feels out of place by making it a 3d effect.


Thank you so much, Auto_matics.

The description and introduction to each subject will tell you what it is used for.

As you progress through the tutorial, you will learn more complex stuff. T

Thank you for the feedback, and have a great day!

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Thank you for the feedback, MyHeadisMelting.

I honestly agree with you with the Course button looking a bit out of place, I will probably change this in the future.

Thank you for the positive feedback, have a great day!

great keep grow and dont stop :heart: :grinning:


Looks amazing can’t wait for the release.

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Thank you, R1EZO.

I will try to complete it in a couple of months.

Have a great day.

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Thank you, PorgDotOrg.

I will try to release it in a couple of months, but that won’t be for certain, I will probably announce a release date once it’s closer to finishing.

This is so good.! But I have a request.Can you provide us the link also…when u finish this project.? :slight_smile:

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Hello ReaPercLawssYt, firstly thank you for the feedback.

The game hasn’t been published to Roblox yet, but once it has I will happily post a link of the game and the release date; for beta, will be around 2 months. Sorry if the release date is quite long, but I am planning to make a lot of subjects and projects. Thank you and have a great day!

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I Would Love To See A Game That Teaches Multiple Scripting Languages. The Roblox Game Called Lua Learning Is Great But Only Teaches Roblox Lua. You Are Doing That But Taking It To A Much Grander Scale. The Gui Is Amazing And Simple. It Gets Straight To The Point Of What You Will Be Learning. Great And Hard Work. I Would Love To See A Game Like This. It Would Become Very Popular If You Do Good Tutorials. You Would Also Have People From IRL That Never Had Played Roblox Play Your Game To Learn Scripting One Languages At a Time. Overall, Amazing GUI, Keep Up The Great Work Man!

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Thank you, FuriousNinjaBoy1, for those kind comments.

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Looks like Duolingo, I like it!


A game that can teach you all these code languages is very cool! The Gui looks nice and clean in my opinion too!


I think the sides feel a bit empty

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