Gui picker tool

I want to select a gui by clicking it. It is crazy to me that you can’t do this.

Want to edit a gui? Current workflow: Go explore your hierarchy for 5 minutes. Hope you remember where you put it.

That sucks


Right click the element and click “Select UI layer”. If there is multiple items at that level, you can select which one


Well, it’s better than nothing


This is already a built in feature with the native UI editor:

As far as I know, you have to first click on the button to toggle UI visibility to activate it, but then you’ll be able to select any UI element just by clicking on it.

I have that toggled on but I can’t click to select ui

Not sure as to whether or not it’s intentional, but you have to toggle it off and back on to be able to select UI by clicking on it

That used to work but it stopped working several months ago. I thought it was one of those unintended-workflow-breaking bug fixes but maybe it not working is the actual bug.

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