Gui scaling problem

my game looks like this on roblox studios/ on small screens

what im trying to achive is making all screens look like this

what i tried so far is the scaling plugin, but it didn’t really worked on my player card (that’s the thing that shows your stats in middle of the screen) because my plr card placed inside text button that placed inside a frame…

hope i was clear enough xD, thanks in advance :slight_smile:


To position a GUI correctly on any screen I use AnchorPoint, which is very simple to use, I recommend you learn to use it that will serve you in the future. I want to clarify that there are several ways to position a GUI correctly.

This will help you to understand it:

If this solves your problem remember to mark it.


because the gui’s parent is textbutton, so the top left will be button’s top left, not the screens top left…

Oh I see, what I would do is order and put it inside the frame, I think it’s the best.

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I have a plugin made to help tackle scaling issues.


Are you using offset for scaling? If so, you should use scale instead so the scaling is based on the dize of the player’s screen.

The positions may be off because of the same reason. Try using scale for the positioning and the size.

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So you know how UDim2 has 4 numbers? You probably use them like 0,300,0,200 or such.
What you need to do is use the 1st and 3rd number aswell. Those are the “scale”. They change the size/position depending on the screen size.
For example, setting your frame’s size to 1,0,0,30 would make it fullscreen wide, and 30 pixels high.
Setting it to 0.5,0,0,30 would make the gui be half of the screen’s width wide, and 30 pixels high.
And so on.

Basically, you need to choose the correct values for the scale (or find a plugin which does that for you).
It’s also worth to note that some monitors are more of a square than a rectangle, so keep that in mind.

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hello aviel101 if you want only fix the GUI size you can use with this plugin:

for use with this plugin just select the game GUI and click on the plugin when you select the Game UI :slight_smile: