Guide to properly create a team and advertise your game

Step 1 game Idea
There is millions of different game ideas that can be built upon and one of the best things about Roblox is we are allowed to make anything we can as long as it agrees with the Roblox TOS. To make a popular game most developers look at what is most trending.

-You can create your own idea to avoid the “crowd mentality” these options below are just some ideas for beginner developers to get started on.

Top trending games:

  • Simulators
  • Clicking games
  • FPS
  • Story games
  • Escape Room type

Step 2 Hiring or Forming a team
This is one of the most important step because an efficient team means a better chance of creating a proper game. It is very important to check for a Developers portfolio and previous experiences before hiring them, because there will be people who are looking for an easy way to earn “money” and would try making a game using free models and youtube tutorials. Youtube tutorials, however, are helpful but it does not act as a proper guide to making a game, so I suggest avoiding it.

Note: NEVER hire anyone who claims to be a builder or a scripter but can not provide examples of their work.

Important aspects of a team

  • A builder is needed to create the game design and must be able to help with game updates and additional content.

  • A scripter must be fully capable of creating a working outline or the core of the game. This helps the builders and scripter to work better together as they piece the game together.

  • Music and SFX: Special custom music for the game always helps set the mood or theme of a game and it is important because it makes a game unique.

  • Thumbnail and Game icons: Its also important the game has a proper icon that helps the player understand what the game is about without playing the game. The thumbnail serves as a hook that grabs the player’s attention and brings them into the game.

  • Animations: A lot of games require animations, whether if it is opening a door or doing push-ups in-game, a smooth animation makes it more satisfying for the player and helps to make the game more fluent.

  • UI : This is another important game aspect where it sets the design of an entire game and is important to hire a reliable UI designer for the game.

  • It is also very important you make contacts and meet new developers that way you can start narrowing down the people who are you most compatible with so making a game is easier for you and them.

Step 3- Paying the developers
A team can be owned by a group or a player, if it is owned by a player the game earnings goes directly into the player’s account which means it would be more difficult for the person owning the game to pay others due to the 30% tax and the 74hour pending. If it is owned by a group each team member can be paid using a Recurring payment option in the Revenue section.

This method is much simpler as the payments are automatic and the person owning the group would not have to worry about doing payouts.
Payment averages

  • A scripter can earn 30-50% of a game
  • A builder can earn 10-50%
  • Investors can earn 10-25%
  • Arists can earn 5-15%
  • UI artists can earn 5-15%
  • Prices are always negotiable, the list above are just ranges I have worked with in my previous games.

A games success depends on how well it is advertised.
The most efficient way to advertise a game is through testing the CTR of each ads whether if it is a sponsored ad or a Game ad. Place 500-5k robux on each to see which gets the highest CTR.
You can do this for a week to average out the best CTR and then you can place the full amount into whichever deems best.

  • Many people ask "How much money do I need to spend on ads to make a game popular?"
    to answer this I will say try to maintain contacts with YouTubers before trying to spend all your money on ads. Ads wise you can make a game successful by using 30k-400k on ads all depending on how well you advertise the game using the CTR trick.
  • If I was to give an opinion on what’s best to do, always set aside at least 50k-100k towards sponsors during a game’s release, because 80% of YouTubers look at the front page to see what is available and sponsors are the best way to get their attention and get them to play your game.


  • Mobile sponsors brings in most players because it has the most impressions available.
  • Computer Sponsors brings in more stable player count and revenue.
  • Make sure the game is Console supported because it also brings in a lot of revenue but has a very low player count.

Good luck on making your game guys! I will keep updating this list.

Here are some games I have worked on or used to work on if you guys want examples

[TOFUU EVENT] 🔥Castle Defenders🐉 🔥 Update 3 - Roblox
K.O Simulator🥊 - Roblox
Batting Champions! - Roblox
[FREE PET!] 🥊Boxing Simulator - Roblox
Blox To Life [Beta] - Roblox
⛩️Samurai Simulator: Reborn⛩️ - Roblox
[EVIL FREDDY] Horror Elevator - Roblox
🌲 Timber Simulator - Roblox
Quarentine game - Roblox
Celestial Shrine - Roblox
Custom Duels - Roblox
[⚡UPDATE!⚡] Backflip Simulator! - Roblox


I think to make this a better tutorial, you could delve deeper into some of the topics. Like, how to follow trends, or what makes effective ads, etc. Otherwise it’s pretty solid! I hope you continue to update and add onto it!


Yes, making a game is not a simple task as there is so many things that can be explored and expanded on and I think I will be editing and adding ideas when I remember what those things are. I have personally made around 12-15 games and each time it has been a different experience, some take long and some take a couple of days.


Nice, You had some really valid points that people should take notes on!


I like how you also state specifications(ex: advertisements(mobile brings in most players, pc brings in a more stable player count and revenue, etc.)). It definitely helps, thanks for this guide, Celestial.


Thanks for making this guide. Currently have my first game in the midst of development and I was a bit stuck on advertising.

I’ll be sure to take notes from this. :+1:


I feel like this subcategory has been oversaturated with topics like “how to make a good game” but I won’t judge your post, just pointing this out to let you know you should have something unique compared to those other tutorials if you haven’t seen them before.

I just wanted to point out that generally, scripters actually don’t agree with 30% at all, it’s more about 40% and higher. This is of course for a dev team that only has one scripter. I sometimes find this complaint of a low percentage (at 30%) in #collaboration:recruitment for scripters.


The 30% applies to scripter who want to bring in an extra help. I personally give 50% directly to scripters working on my team and they are allowed to split that percentage with who ever they wanna bring along to help script.

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To add on about artists I am referring to gfx not UI here, but when you make a game do NOT have one of your devs make it UNLESS they are very sufficient in that field. It is way better to get them done for a few thousand Robux. I have seen many games flop because there gfx is very unprofessional and nobody clicks on them.

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Herd mentality is when you do what others do, following the herd, creating games like sims, clicking games, fps, etc wouldn’t make you stand out, you need something special that people like that could end up giving you a constant cash flow like mm2 and adopt me, etc…


That is true, but for a higher success rate following a trend usually helps. Especially if you are a beginning developer who wants to create a step hold to making better games.

I personally can not get myself to develop games that are “trending”. I get bored fast developing them as its the same old thing just with a new coat of paint.


You may want to add modeler/mesher. I find that in most games that require many meshes, like simulators, fps, etc there will be a builder that may make some models for the build, but then a professional modeler for complicated stuff like food, guns, pets, etc. If you do decide to add this, I would recommend you also giving a side note that the best type of modeler to get is one who also can create textures for their models, or for anything needed. Sometimes you can use roblox textures, but if you wanna make performance better you will need a texturer, who should most likely be the modeler themselves. Oh with those games you showed at the bottom, give the estimated development time to make them. I find a lot of people think they’ll be able to make a front page game in a day, and end up quitting out of frustration. They should be aware how much time it takes to make a real game, which will also help them think through their idea more, and refine it before they start putting effort into it.


Builder is basically a vast term, mesh makers, modelers all fall under the same category. I take a few weeks to make game maps but I will add time and other things that go into the game process.

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Interesting intro guide, definitely something to give a loose read.

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Then it should be titled that ᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠᅠ


Nice how you explain strategies thanks! :3

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Of course i see this AFTER i finished my game lol. Thanks though this will help a lot for future games!

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Yeah man! hope it does, ill be updating it with more examples and ill go more in depth into the topic as alot of people here are criticizing the “lack of information”


thanks but the guide is already informative! cant wait to see it grow.

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