Hi, I made an uncopylocked game that includes a 2D particle emitter. The Emitter emits particles on a Gui (ScreenGui, SurfaceGui, etc.) and has similar properties to the Roblox instance, ParticleEmitter.

I still need to implement more to the GuiParticleEmitter e.g. Drag, ColorSequences in some properties.
All of code for GuiParticleEmitter Class is in the uncopylocked game and on the GitHub repository.

LMK if you have any suggestions to fix or improve anything and I hope this helps :grin:.


This is amazing! looks just like a normal particle emitter! This will be so useful for so many people.


Omg this has so much potential for pet systems or visual effects!

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such as rain, snow, wind, you name it, it can be done now.

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its most helpful thing i ever seen i just searched for a year and randomly found this,
thank you

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