Gun Builder: Looking for work

Sorta interesting “collaboration” here,

I get bored frequently, so in my free time I make firearm models.
If you got a firearm you want built, let me know and I will do it whenever I have time at no cost.
The only condition is that it be open sourced.
Here’s some example models:


railgun :heart:

Would it be possible to pay you to be able to use the guns for the specific project?

I don’t have any membership to receive payment and robux doesn’t motivate me anymore, sorry


will do

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Bet you cant make a ray gun (sorry it aint a real gun just wanna see if you can literally make this a thing)


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uh ill put that on my list

i recently have been focusing on ww1 to modern firearms, but going back to scifi for a bit will be interesting

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Since you were the first one to reply, any request on any specific rail gun?

Nope! go crazy with it. can’t wait to see the result! :smiley: