Open Source Octagonal Themed Firearms, WW1 to Modern

uh i got no use so yall can use these for whatever
just give credit if you do

edit: didnt expect thumbnails, my bad

Intermediate Cartridge Rifles and Derivatives

Full Power Automatic Battle Rifles

Light Machine Guns, Belt Fed


Submachine Guns



Machine Pistols

Attachments and Others


Thanks so much!
If I use these in a game I will be sure to credit you.

I love it when creatives open-source their work. It makes the world go round :slight_smile:

What were these originally made for?


man someone can create a whole game with this lot lol


I just reached maximum shock capacity. Is this what I should expect. Wait, I haven’t said what yet, well, I was doing something 99% like this. Yesterday I was drafting the forum post. I guess were all identical twins or clones with different appearances. ENd of first part…

Second part begins…

Im speechless, if I had this when I first started game development, I would be…I can’t even imagine. Like Turpichu4321just said

Ahem, calling all fps creators:

Mark off “Step 1: Spend a year creating gun models”

and do me a favour, go get yourself a cake and celebrate.

Theta0, go buy yourself a ticket for disney land. you deserve it. Legit, get a patreon page, as soon as I get some moneys, Ill try and donate. :smiley:

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Wow, that’s a lot of stuff! Thanks a ton for sharing!

These were made mostly for fun, so I have no use for them

Youre welcome!

I have more models in my inventory that are older, higher triangle count, and use cylinders if needed

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more free stuff

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Just a quick question are these guns animated because if they are I think my roblox studio has a glitch where the guns come in huge without an animation or any way to use them.


These are not animated, not scripted, and not scaled. They are just the models.

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Yeah, nobody said that they were scripted or had animations.

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Duuuuuuuude, models are soo epic


Thanks! They’re old old models by 2020 standards since they were made in 2017 but I hope people can put them to good use!

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to let you know, i am using some of these gun models with slight modification for my game, for the last few days ive been setting them up with my gun system and just want to tell you that these models are great even with 2020 standerds, i apreciate you for open ourcing these and il make sure to credit you