[Gun Modeling] Bushmaster ACR Low Poly Model

Bushmaster Remington ACR

My first gun back that’s not an M4 lol

Started modeling this after a dude wanted to commission me to do it but he couldn’t figure out how to pay in Robux so he just stops responding to me. Got interested while looking at some references so I decided I wanted to make it anyways

I also made a Sketchfab where I uploaded some of my recent gun models so you can view and interact with them in a 3D space. I’ll have it linked at the end of the post.

It honestly is not the best thing I’ve made recently but that’s what happens when you forget everything after 9 months

Previous model link : [Gun Modeling] M4A1 Low Poly Model

Bushmaster ACR :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/JahoboW
Discord : jart#8026
Sketchfab : BLACKACTIVITY - Sketchfab



I think it looks great! I have no recommendations. I also love how you placed it on a replica of Cold War’s load out screen. Good job!

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