Gun System FeedBack

Hello Developers,
I was recently working on framework for my upcoming fps game. It’s mostly complete, with a couple of bugs here and there. I wanted feedback on my gun system overall, and the animations too. The Ammo GUI is on its way, aswell as the character arms for other clients.

Game: Gun System

(I haven’t made my controls Gui, so here are the controls)
Q = Switch Gun (random)
Right Mouse Button = Aim (only for pistol)
Left Mouse Button = Shoot
R = Reload

Any Feedback is appreciated,

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Here’s the thing I noticed:
The viewmodel appears even when I’m on 3rd person view.
The viewmodel has collision that makes the player can’t really move well.
The viewmodel seems to need some offset adjustment. It’s blocking my screen and its high up.
The animation on some gun doesn’t play when equipped.
Animations and recoil (every gun has the same recoil) need some adjustment. Also add effects like muzzle flash, bullet trails. There’s also a better arm viewmodel on toolbox.

Good luck on your game!

Everything, is currently on it’s way, character arms, everything is being readjusted as of now,

Thanks for the feedback anyway!

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