New FPS Framework Feedback

Hello Developers!

I recently finished my new FPS framework, which I completed thanks to this tutorial. I wanted feedback on if it was better or worse than my last framework, which I had completely done on my own.

Clip of new framework:

Proof that link is safe:

I will leave a link below to the post that has my old framework!

(Personally, I think my new framework is wayy better than my old one)

Link to old post:

What I expect from your feedback: Animations and Overall View (recoil mechanics, shooting mechanics etc.)

Disclaimer: The trails and the bullets are just for easy visuals, they’ll be much harder to see in the actual framework

Any Feedback is Appreciated,


The your gun system may like be messed up, but it does it’s job.
Your gun engine should improve animations so it would look nice!
Also the aim animation looks bit weird, it looks like you aim while NVG on.
Other than that, it’s good! :+1:


I appreciated the feedback, but could you please be a bit more specific on which gun system is better and has the flaws?


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I have have 3 problems I found in your gun engine.

  1. While your in third person, and you gun is aimed to very near at your own character, you can move yourself.
  2. Why it has thirdperson mode.
  3. Aim animation looks bit weird but I think it does that on purpose or you did that.

It might needs some improve from your gun engine animations so it be better.

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Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for the feedback!