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This does use a lot of default roblox scripts but i have had to do a lot of back end changes to apply these smooth transitions. Not just simple camera mode switches.

Some showcase on memory for assets :eyes: nothing special really.

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Personal Project

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Discord outdated, could you provide with a new one?

Sent a friend request!

My discord is gloows#5680

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I your level in script is incredible WOW!. I am interessed To hire you for a big long-term game but you can rest if you want its not a problem. Accept my request on discord my name is :

Lucifer Morning Star#7959

If you want know more about the game there is the link of the post.
The link of the post on the devforum

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Thanks for the compliment, and currently am not looking for a project like that.

I have to pay some bills so based on the payment I may or may not consider your projects.

Chances are that you don’t accept percentages, But if your willing to accept it. Add me on discord: DevFrags#2441. Read the post for more information
I am confident that this game will do well. I am currently using these strategies called (Indie Game Strats) to build a audience for our game. Again chances are, your not going to accept it.

I do accept % but not only % you’d have to make down payments of some value. But depending on the project, team, assets its possible.

Cool little pet stuff :slight_smile:

Something I did for fun quick 5 mins


Some more combat + camera work

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Hello Again, IM searching for a Scripter for my project here is my link. please let me know if you would be interested Thanks.

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I would like to hire you, do you mind dming me in Discord: KingTrolling#2815? Thank you.

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Greetings, I am interested on hiring you to my development studios. This is long term which means you will get a percentage of the group’s income. I have sent a friend request on Discord

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Having a conversation with my man here is like pulling teeth. :rofl: :clown_face:

Thanks for the offers, but i’m more interested in rpg genres. Best of luck with all your projects! Saw some good stuff :slight_smile:


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