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Thanks for the offer, but I hardly ever take projects for that low unless its promising with promising team.

Hello, Guruu_G I have a project which I think you might be interested in. Feel free to contact me on discord TimeDefender#1089 for more information.
Kind Regards ~

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Appreciate the offer, but not my style of project to pursue.

Fast Paced Rpg Combat

Heres some recent work on my combat system. It involves camera type of watch with some minor legacycamera changes for the target handling. This also uses a custom movement system for all input devices. And we have dashing :slight_smile: Will update this section as it gets better.

And of course we care about performance.

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Comissions are closed for the remainder of the season. Commissions may open back up in late January

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This does use a lot of default roblox scripts but i have had to do a lot of back end changes to apply these smooth transitions. Not just simple camera mode switches.

Some showcase on memory for assets :eyes: nothing special really.

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Personal Project

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Discord outdated, could you provide with a new one?

Sent a friend request!

My discord is gloows#5680

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I your level in script is incredible WOW!. I am interessed To hire you for a big long-term game but you can rest if you want its not a problem. Accept my request on discord my name is :

Lucifer Morning Star#7959

If you want know more about the game there is the link of the post.
The link of the post on the devforum

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Thanks for the compliment, and currently am not looking for a project like that.

I have to pay some bills so based on the payment I may or may not consider your projects.

Chances are that you don’t accept percentages, But if your willing to accept it. Add me on discord: DevFrags#2441. Read the post for more information
I am confident that this game will do well. I am currently using these strategies called (Indie Game Strats) to build a audience for our game. Again chances are, your not going to accept it.

I do accept % but not only % you’d have to make down payments of some value. But depending on the project, team, assets its possible.

Cool little pet stuff :slight_smile:

Something I did for fun quick 5 mins


Some more combat + camera work

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Hello Again, IM searching for a Scripter for my project here is my link. please let me know if you would be interested Thanks.

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