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Currently not taking any long term projects, but i would still like to hear what you have to say for any future openings.

Do you have the time to do a jailbreak crate styled pet shop system?

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I couldnt add you on Discord for some reason.

If you would be interested in this please message me.

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Hello, I was interested in hiring for a rather simple project. Payment would be USD if you’re interested please contact me at TimeDefender#1089 (Your discord information at the top is broken)

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Would love to reply to you all, but as of right now i am only listening to offers for the future not taking any new ones. I am currently booked up for long term contracts as of right now. Feel free to message me on discord or my private messages with your offers and game project.

Absolutely amazing work m8! I would love to work with you in the future if I ever require another scripter.


Thank you for the compliment on my work! Hope to be able to show more recent work off very soon.

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Hello. I saw what you did with that butterfly and that is somewhat what I need dome for my stage. Contact me if you want a job.

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Currently not taking any new work.

Checkout our teams latest trailer! Bloopville!

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Commissions are closed. They will be for a long period of time.

Once BloopVille release, i’ll be able to explain my recent work with detail in regards to my abilities, and improve my portfolio.

Looking to make room for a contract that would require around 5-10 hrs a week. I’d be looking to start sometime after Christmas. Bi weekly pays + shares and hourly are the only types of contracts i take. Feel free to get in contact with me via discord: @,Guruu#2979

I am interested and have sent you a friend request on discord. My username is BPilot253#3969

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Some of my recent tweets!


RPG Styled Work
Server Npc Controller with server replications to the rendered npc on local

Rolling dashes + character controller

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Sending you a discord invite would really like to show you what project we have

my name is ROWG_Leader#3822 look forward to reaching out

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Instanced Players

Rendering players at will with “cached” player rendering. Made sure to remove and update characters as needed. When entering these zones you’ll be entering a “lobby” each lobby takes 4 players. Every 4 players a new lobby is made and these players are the only ones rendered in it. Which is why i call this system an instanced player system. Originally i was instancing an entire area but i found this was easier to manage. And overall probably less cleanup/faster renders in a way…

its like teleporting to different place without other players but on the same server basically

Could you add me in Discord? I would like to talk more there :smiley: Thecaster230#1494

Got some tapping simulator mechanics in the works for a small side gig :slight_smile:!
Stay tuned for my upcoming projects haha


Hello, I’d like to hire you for a project. I can do USD or R$. Your discord does not seem to work; add mine?


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