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Haliway Cruiser

The Haliway Cruiser is Transport HQs’ flag ship. With a range of activities to do while onboard ranging from going to the Lounge Area all the way to the Bright Cruiser Cinema Experience.

While at port you have a choice of method to pick to show how you wish to come aboard, with over 50 selected parking areas for a range of vehicles and including areas for passenger boarding whats not to love, especially with having the freedom of your desire while boarding.

During the time aboard Haliway Cruiser, you can pick from a range of activities to do, you can go sightseeing on the top deck seeing nature of the ocean go by, you can stay in a luxury cabin fit for royalty, you can go and watch our movies in the Bright Cruiser, Cinema Experience or even chill out in one of our other excellent activities for everyone to enjoy!

Of course, current development of this remarkable ship continues to this day, however when we release her into the public we are sure you wont be disappointed.

Some Development Pictures

The Bridge of our ship.

Aboard one of our corridors.


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