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The Aim

The aim of Transport HQ is to create an enjoyable experience for all. Whether that is by hosting events, creating roleplays and much more!

The Ships

We have two ships at Transport HQ currently. We have, Royal Iris of the Mersey & Haliway Cruiser.

Haliway Cruiser

Haliway is the longest current ship, which can carry 90 passengers and a range of vehicles! With 3 decks assigned to passenger needs, one of which are sharing with a car deck. We have a total of 6 decks for car and passenger needs. On top of this Haliway Cruiser has some on board cabins too for those who are travelling with us!

If you wish to know more about the Haliway Cruiser, head to this link: Haliway Cruiser • Information .

Royal Iris of the Mersey

This was our very first ship we have made, which can hold 49 passengers and no vehicles. With 2 decks assigned to passenger needs what more can you want??? This ship has a Café but no cabins aboard as the ship is traditionally used for going up and down the river mersey.


Group: Transport HQ - Roblox

We mainly operate on our Discord Server, so if your over the age of 13 you can access links on the group.

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