Hangout Game Feedback (Part 2)

Original Thread wasn’t too active, so I’m making another one in hopes of more comments and feedback.

Yes, I am aware of the Animation bugs, don’t mind that for now. Roblox Bug.

Things I’m aiming for:

  • Gloomy, but peaceful aura
  • Enough interactivity
  • Good builds and good performance
  • No blatant bugs



In my opinion it looks really good. I think that you can do small changes to lighting, to make the lighting warmer:


How about in terms of Interactivity and Performance?


I think that the game is good in terms of performance. I think that you can add more interations. I don’t have many ideas for that but for example you can make is so a player can grab a book and play reading animation.


Woah, the place looks very nice especially with graphics 10.
I’m not sure if it’s a game bug, but the chat isn’t working.


The chat bug might be from your end, works fine for me. Any suggestions on Interactivity and Performance?


I don’t really have any suggestions on Interactivity and Perfomance, thank you.


Looks awesome but could use some custom music.

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What do you mean by that, if you don’t mind me asking?

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Some songs directly imported that are not from roblox themselves, I’ve heard a lot of these songs countless times

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I can’t really make my own songs, where can I get songs for free (place that you recommend)?

Anything that provides decent music really. You can find some on Youtube, Spotify and a whole bunch of other websites.

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Hopefully none of which are copyrighted. Thank you again!


Are the animations intentional :sweat_smile: ?

Either way I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH, the aesthetic of it and everything is just so pretty!

Here’s some suggestions though :]

  1. The Window’s material is a bit weird

I suggest setting the material to glass. If you want to add a somewhat reflective effect to it, set the window’s transparency to 5 or higher. (Trust me its pretty cool :D)

  1. Make the rules accessible mid-game via a button or a book on the table

If people want to access the rules again for some reason, you can give them the ability to do so by making a rule book on the table (+1 interactivity) or a button on the screen (imo its not as fun).

I’m excited to see what this game turns out to be! Keep us updated! :smiley:


To that, you could also set ColorShift_Top to a washed out yellow (representing the sun’s colour) or a nice, dawn orange. :slight_smile:


You can try !

I found it useful for music, though use it at your own risk, do your research before you do. :]


Thank you for your suggestions! I was kind of contemplating the glass before, but yes I will change it.

For the animations, it’s a bug on Roblox’s end. Multiple reports have been posted on the Forum, I think it was called “Sanitized ID”.

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Yea, it also pops up in the console.

Made a separate thread on a teaser video for feedback, go check it out!

Teaser Video Feedback