HapticService for Mobile devices

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to create haptic feedback for mobile devices using HapticService

I just checked wiki and saw nothing about mobile devices regarding HapticService.
From what I see it doesn’t seem like this can be achieved using HapticService, since it uses the UserInputType, and there is no UserInputType for mobile vibratory motor, just gyroscope and accelerometer.

This game would be able to make great use of mobile compatible haptic feedback.


An example of a use case for HapticService: for this game would be that whenever the player’s ship gets severely damaged, the phone will vibrate.

I talked with the creator of this game and one thing he said stayed on my mind, which is that this game is mobile oriented. Considering the relatively low amount of fully mobile compatible games I think it’d be great if there would be more features available for mobile devices which could help creators make optimal gameplay experiences.

HapticService compatibility would be one of them. Haptic feedback makes a game more responsive to the player, depending on the use cases. If used well, it could also add better immersion.

Some examples of other games which could benefit from this would be: Dragon Riders, Natural Disaster survival, Super bomb Survival & Work at a Pizza Place

I believe that adding HapticService compatibility for mobile devices can make more engaging gameplay for mobile games and would encourage content creators to make more mobile oriented games.


I support this. I was making a game for iOS like 1-2 years ago and having HapticService back then would’ve been a great effect to add to the game.


Do phone games actually use haptics? It seems like it would get annoying.

As a user I definitely would uninstall roblox if every other game was vibrating whenever I pressed a button. Which is exactly what people will do with this.

It would, of course, be intended to be used responsibly, such as if we send a notification to our players, maybe a little vibration. I would enjoy this, and many mobile apps use haptics in their games.

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You can do some neat UI effects just like iOS does such as the feeling of bounces wen you swipe down a UI element etc.

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It would get annoying and it could only be used for a limited amount of things.
However, I do agree with it adding immersion for the things you would be able to use it for.
Developers would have to use it responsibly if they wanted to keep players rather than annoy them.
But, I do support this feature and it would be nice to have.

I was also talking to the user who made Mast (whom I made a nomination thread for). He said that this would be a pretty cool feature for Roblox to add. It’s a great example of what HapticService for mobile devices could be used for.



Mobile is a very difficult platform to get haptic correct on.


I would like this for increased damage feedback on mobile

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I would still like this feature looked into. Roblox is one of the leading free games on Apple and we should be able to use the latest API available that other games on the platform utilize, in this case Haptic Feedback.

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