Has anybody actually been promoted?

I got promoted to member in 58 days, Top Contributor in 132 days, and to Lead Top Contributor in 188 days.


So the real secret here is just consistency?


That would be 100% correct my good sir. Consist, appropriate, good contributions.


Hi, I’m an Accelerator and I’ve been on site at Roblox HQ for close to 3 months months now. I was added as it’s important for me and my work to view the information as a full member.

So to answer your question, I did do something.


Sorry if I offended you by saying you didn’t do anything. You and other people explained it to me.


Is there an update on the new promotion procedure?

Nope. There will be an announcement when it eventually ever happens.


I was promoted to member in October 2018. Continue contributing to the forum, such as tutorials and bug reports. It often takes some time but if you contribute consistently, you will become a full member.


Sorry to rebump this…? But as far as I know, the requirements are to visit 50% the site of the most recent 100 days. Have a sufficient amount likes on replies, topics and etc.

Nobody knows what the requirements are beyond Dev Relations, and they’re not publicizing them as it makes abusing the system so much easier.

It should also be worth noting that this topic was made before the automatic New Member -> Member promotion system, when promotions were still done manually.

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Has anybody actually been promoted?

Yes, 5-15 people every month.

We do not use the default Discourse requirements.

The requirements are roughly to be a reasonably active poster, to abide by forum rules (low amount of moderator-agreed flags on your posts) and showing that you can file topics and posts in restricted categories properly. We don’t share exact numbers for reasons stated above.

Locking this topic as it was made before we switched to auto-promotion.