Hat scaling is wrong when adjusting character scaling


When having the body type slightly changed while wearing one of the affected hats, they tend to bug out and stretch. This works with spamming width, height, head scaling or even the body type itself.


  • Swap to R15 (if you haven’t yet).
  • Put on one (or more) of the affected spherical hats (see below).
  • Increase the body Type. Higher bodytype results in a bigger effect.
  • Mess with the proportions, width, height, head scaling or body type (keep increasing and decreasing) and the hat should keep growing ending up as the image shown above or as shown in the video.

Video can be found here

The video shows assets it does work on but also assets it doesn’t work on to make a small comparison of what kind of assets are affected by this bug.

Some affected assets

aditional info

This issue mainly occurs with spherical shaped hats that have been uploaded a while back. The current egghunt hats do not do this. However The Hematite Eye is an exception when checking all the items their upload date as it is uploaded quite recently in may 24th, 2019. Assuming the issue is related to spherical colliders instead of mesh colliders.


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I was messing around with ‘Body Type’ on the Roblox Mobile, and to my surprise, a Roblox hat is found to be stretching when you mess around with the ‘Body Type’ category on the Mobile version.
Steps on how this happens

Step 1 This only happens with the WWII Infantry Helmet, as this is the only hat that seemed to be stretching. Select that specific hat. Link to this hat https://www.roblox.com/catalog/10911958/WWII-Infantry-Helmet

Step 2 Go to the ‘Body Type’ Selection and continuously move the circle in any direction, and this bug will take place.

Other Things
When you keep moving the circle in any direction for a few moments, the WWII Infantry Helmet gets so big as you cannot see your character anymore when you keep moving the circle in any direction. The character is set back to normal when you unequip the WWII Infantry Helmet
Screenshots below.