Having a Dilemma About Building

Hello, I am having a dilemma right now. I really want to get started on a project I have been designing and planning for about 2 months now, however I see on the roadmap that certain options for mesh materials will be released in the near future.

By the time the game is finished these features will be already out, and I will have to convert everything or make an entire revamp.

Should I just wait for the options to come out before I start, and keep planning the game?

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The thing is you always can create the game as it is, and just at a later date change it to a newer version. When you have created the game you get a fanbase

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I would start the project as occasionally things get delayed or pushed back on the Roadmap . If you start you are at least making some progress. Then later on you could revamp your game.


This all depends on your main aim;

  • If your main aim is to make as much revenue as possible them start now and use the current materials, you can make money straight away with less work.
  • If your main aim is to make a quality game then spend the next two months planning and prototyping aspects of your game that you know you’ll find hard and when the mesh products come out you can implement them easily.

I decided that I will make everything in a software that can already support the updates that roblox plans to include, and import it all when it’s ready!

Thank you so much with your feedback. :honeybee::sweat_smile:

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Or better yet, organize your assets in packages, and mass update them with better versions when they’re available:

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