Hawaiian Themed "Palm-Frons"


Recently started trying to make a low-poly Hawaiian themed (little) village for a friend.

I’m extremely new to blender, and I am wondering what the best way to go about making the leaves on the top of the building.

Reference Image

Current Build Image


In-Game Application:

Should I use studio?
Should I use blender?
What do I do…? I am kinda lost on where to go, with making these. So, any help? All support is greatly appreciated so thank you! (:grin:

I recommend to you use blender.

You can make the beach and more but the house I recommend to you use blender.

  • studio for the house
  • decals or blender for the hay on the house (idk what that is tbh im not from Hawaii)
  • Models for shirts then decorate them.
  • Models or blender for surf board
  • studio for house
  • your choice for trees
  • Definitely blender for What was it called again? the hanging bed XD
  • Studio for chair.

Basically what I do is try to make it in studio. If it doesn’t work I look up models. If that doesn’t work I look up meshes. If that doesn’t work then I use blender

I made something similar to this a while back. I used Blender to create the thatched-roof look.

From the one thatch I made, I copied it and reoriented it around the roof to cover everything. I think it worked out, I would recommend trying to make your own mesh. It can be sloppy as you can see mine really has no rhyme or reason, so even if you aren’t experienced in Blender you can do this!

Good luck!

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